1- If Maduro is such a dictator, why is Guaido able to hold rallies where he had a crowd responding, “Maduro, asshole”, with no repercussions? No police were even present. (Per Aaron Mate, The Nation). They have more right to protest than we do in the US. Did you know Venezuela has the lowest rate of homelessness in the western hemisphere? 2- Why is it our business? Whether Maduro stays or goes should be up to the Venezuelan people. 3- What? Are you for “humanitarian intervention”? Because that has worked so well in other countries, like Libya, where they now have open slave markets in the streets? How about Saudi Arabia, where political dissidents are publicly decapitated en mass? 4- If you want to help people in other countries, why not Yemen? 5- Do you have any ideas how many countries we are bombing right now? 8. We also have armed troops in 50 of 54 African nations. We are threatening Iran, North Korea, China, Russia and Venezuela with military force. We have active sanctions on over 20 countries and threatening over 80 countries. Tell me, what is your point? Or do you have one?

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Issues unite, names divide

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