21 TRILLION DOLLARS Unaccounted For

The report came out months ago that the Pentagon and HUD were unable to account for $21 TRILLION spent between 1998 and 2015. Not Million, not Billion, that is TRILLION with a T. Not a typo, not a mistake.

BTW, I have to credit Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight) for this, who in turn credits other sources.

This information has just passed through the American consciousness. Mostly because it has barely been mentioned by corporate media. Why? Guess who made profits from all that money? Corporate entities. So, if the media does not mention it, of course they are not obligated to question it.

I question everything. So right after listening to this, I looked up some numbers.

Remember during that same time frame was the housing crash. So if HUD had been using the money properly, then more homes would have been built for low income families, more people saved from foreclosure. Obviously that did not happen. Millions of families lost their homes to foreclosure. The banks got bailed out, though! That’s all you need to know about the HUD portion of this issue.

The Pentagon, on the other hand, is a whole different animal. They have a long history of spending money which cannot be accounted for. This is their apex. This is not just a matter of not being able to account for money within their budget which was spent. This goes FAR beyond that.

The official military budget is a matter of public record. The official defense budget added up for the years 1998 to 2015 comes to a grand total of (ready?) $9.572 Trillion. Yet they cannot account for $21 Trillion. So they actively spent not only their authorized budget but spent an additional amount more than DOUBLE their budget.

This is not money that they are committed to spending in the future. This is money they actively spent during that time and cannot say where it went. Money for future contracts IS accounted for BEFORE it is spent.

One should also keep in mind that this calculation ends in 2015. It does not include spending from 2016 and 2017. Because it takes the Pentagon 2 years to compile spending and conclude that they cannot answer for what they spent or where they spent it. So we have no idea how much more they are spending above and beyond their budget right this minute. Or who gets the money.

Much as anyone hates Trump, it’s rather interesting that he is the first president to have ever ordered an audit of the Pentagon. It’s also interesting how much resistance that audit has encountered. Personally, I think investigations into a LOT of personal finances are in order, followed by criminal charges. But we know none of that will happen.

Another interesting point is how precisely the $21 Trillion number aligns so closely to the current national debt. Since the numbers through 2015 are just reported, it seems we are covering those debts after the fact.

Ultimately, any accountability of government spending is an illusion. This is merely a gross illustration of that fact. Our government creates wars to justify spending. Then they issue bonds to borrow money. They pay that money out to corporate entities. They pay interest on the loans for corporate banks. Give tax breaks and subsidies for the same corporations. Then print money, diluting the value of the dollar. They hand money to other countries which is mostly used to buy weapons from us in agreements which span years. Over those years, the cost of producing those weapons increases while interest on the loans we took out compiles. Yet the contracts for weapons sales contain no provisions for inflation. So the weapons are sold at a loss. Rinse and repeat every year.

Meanwhile, corporate media continues telling us how great the economy is doing because the stock market keeps going up with each new war.

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