In the US, our society is indoctrinated to being a culture of abuse.

If you are not actively opposed to that abuse, you are complicit.

A lot of people have a misunderstanding of the term PTSD. PTSD means Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This is not meant to be a clinical study on the subject but a more direct dialogue delving into the subject in everyday terms. If you want clinical language, studies or statistics, there are plenty to be found. This is just a conversation.

Before I get into the guts of this, let me give full disclosure that I have PTSD, myself. When people hear this and know that I am a veteran, they too often automatically assume that my PTSD is caused by military service. That is a mistaken assumption. My military service involved some experiences which were dangerous, potentially life threatening but not what I consider traumatic. Just eye opening. I went through two bomb scares during my time in the military and was active duty in West Germany the day the Berlin Wall came down. …

Heard a song not long ago which I’ve heard before called “Chicken Fry” which refers to simple pleasures. I can relate to it in many ways. It talks about things like enjoying a pair of jeans, cold beer, fried foods and sunrises.

I live a simple life, overall. While being rich is always a nice thought, I do not stress myself and never have with the goal of extreme wealth. I’m far more interested in security.

I’ll say that I did not grow up with much security. Not even safety was assured. Most people can say that in abstract but it’s a different sense in which I speak. I went to school often with a knife in my pocket. On several occasions I pulled that knife to make it home that day. Eventually, while being an adamant pacifist who studied to be a minister, I learned to fight. To an extreme. To defend myself and my family. …

In January, there will be two runoff elections in Georgia which stand to determine the majority in the US Senate, the margin for majority being just that close.

So, here comes the part many will not want to hear.

The best outcome for these runoffs would be that a Republican wins one race and a Democrat wins the other, maintaining the current balance in the US Senate. The second best scenario is that Republicans win both races.

Yes, I know Democrat voters will rage against me for saying this. …

I never deny that much of my content has a negative turn to it. At the same time, the focus and purpose in my case is far different from the typical demoralizing and divisional attempts made by corporate media and mindless echo chambers. The goal of my own observations is awareness, enlightenment and actual unity.

No, I do not think that unity will simply happen. It’s something we have to work toward.

The major enemies of any form of positive unity are those who refuse to leave their respective echo chambers and surrender their cognitive dissonance in favor of something greater. Those proposing violence in any form, on any side of the equation are traitors to this country. …

After already winning the election by a thin margin, Joe Biden took to Twitter to ask for donations because Trump is challenging the results of the election, saying his team must fund the transition themselves.

Really? Really?!

First of all, the Biden team is not on the hook for any state electoral challenges. State electoral boards bear those costs.

Aside from that, until Biden is sworn into office, any members of his transition team do not have any official positions and are not entitled to compensation. …

I find it both amusing and disgusting how Libertarian pundits call themselves leftists while relying on Socialist funding for their platforms.

Money above human life is not leftist.

Money above health is not leftist.

Money above environment is not leftist.

Money above education is not leftist.

After Trump issued an order, long overdue, to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, the warmongering media and the Biden pre-administration went ballistic. This was a response which did not take days or even hours. It happened in minutes.

Within hours, the corporate media was publishing one rationale after another to express their fantasy justifications for extending the 19 year US military presence in Afghanistan and 17 year presence in Iraq. “Explaining” why US troops should be kept in harm’s way in countries which do not want us there.

Not once did they or will they mention the fact that the Iraqi parliament voted unanimously to expel US forces, making our military presence a military occupational force, illegal under international law. Just as the corporate media never mentions that our presence in Syria is illegal under international law. …

Suddenly Biden is for for student loan forgiveness and corporate media is largely in favor.

You don’t think this change is suspicious at all? Really?

No matter what legal challenges Trump may pursue to the election, the election is now over. He lost. Every legal challenge to the election he has brought is being defeated or dismissed by Conservative judges at the state and federal levels.

I am not mentioning this for the benefit of his supporters. I am mentioning this for the sake of his detractors. “The Resistance” being chief among them.

In late January, he will be leaving office. That is the key phrase to keep in mind. Trump will no longer be in office.

What this means is that he can no longer be used as an excuse, a rationale or a response to every damn problem that comes along. Nobody gets to use “But Trump” any more. At all. Ever. Nor can anyone use, “But Trump was worse” as a rationalization to anything at all. …


Russell Meyers

Issues unite, names divide

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