Actually you do not understand the nature of fascism. Think of the hallmarks of fascism. Military supremacy, militarized police, decreasing worker rights, increasing corporate rights (look at the state of unions), fraudulent elections, division between segments of society (racism and sexism), censorship and media control.

Increasing government regulation is not fascism when done for protection of human rights and for the benefit of all members of society. Such as worker protection laws, consumer protection laws, environmental protections. Without these things, we cannot consider ourselves an ethical society in the least.

Fascism is not a system as many believe a system with one figurehead. Instead, it is oligarchic in nature. Where the rich have few or no limits on their freedom while the poor see their rights to even mere existence challenged.

Corporatism is fascism. The media in this country may masquerade as right or left but look again. They are owned by the same corporations, advertise for the same corporations and all support warfare and division. All support the ever growing divide between rich and poor, leading to a feudal system, which we are closer to than you think.

So, what are you doing to heal that divide? Are you part of the solution? Or just another part of the problem? Making it better or making it worse?

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Issues unite, names divide

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