Ah, written like a true capitalist that abhors any controls placed on corporations or increased taxation on the rich.

Actually, to fix income inequality, we need not so much a higher minimum wage but to impose a maximum income (not wage, income). It can be quite generous, such as $100 per year. If you “need” more than $100 million a year to live on, what you need is therapy. Anything below that cap would be taxed by a progressive tax rate. Anything beyond that cap would be taxed at 100%. Income would include all sources of income, including stock packages, company transportation/meals/vacations for non-business purposes, etc. The only exceptions would be for insurance equal to the average non-administrative employee.

In addition, capital gains should be taxed at the same rate as any other income.

Corporations should have a maximum profit percentage after expenses. Stock repurchases would be ineligible to be counted as an expense, as would investments in manufacturing construction or leasing in other countries.

There is nothing wrong with price controls as long as it allows for a profit margin. Countries with price controls have competing brands and store brands.

You really sound like a person who has never traveled outside of the US. Have you even bothered talking to people from other countries? Or just look up things that reinforce your own bias?

Issues unite, names divide

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