AIPAC and Israeli Influence in US Elections

Recently, Ilhan Omar was forced to issue an apology for her criticism of the influence of the lobbying oragnization AIPAC in US elections. There was no reason for her to issue an apology. Her criticism is valid.

Any and every time anyone even remotely suggests criticism of AIPAC, their criticism is distorted into an antisemitic message. Yet consider the name behind the definition. American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Now, do you see any mention of any religion in that name? Or only the name of two countries? Because that name has nothing to do with any religion. If you see it there, you should see a psychiatrist for your hallucinations.

For 2 1/2 years we have been inundated by unproven claims that maybe Russia influenced our election via $100,000 worth of social media ads, half of which was spent after the election was over, half of which had no directly political content, the rest of which supported Trump and Hillary and Bernie and Jill Stein. Interestingly, it seems none supported Johnson. Even Russian trolls hate Libertarians. Which I consider to their credit.

Meanwhile, AIPAC donates massive sums of money annually to politicians in both major parties. Millions of dollars. In the open. From a country to whom the US gives nearly $4 BILLION every year, which comes from US taxpayer pockets.

Many Americans support Israel and on many occasions I have asked them directly, why? I know the answer, of course. It’s not because they support Judaism. It’s not because they have any clue what Israel stands for as a nation. It’s mostly because of religious indoctrination. However, no small part of it is also because of paid marketing which takes many forms including TV shows and movies, in addition to campaign “donations” for speeches favorable to Israel and attacks on anyone not blindly obedient to Israeli support.

American citizens supportive of Israel are typically brainwashed into that support. Made to believe that all Palestinians are terrorists, yet willfully ignorant of the conditions which Palestinians are forced to live under. Forced by Israel.

Israeli forces have been shooting at peaceful, unarmed Palestinian protesters who have been wanting nothing more than reclaim lands stolen from them by Israel gradually over decades. Journalists and medical personnel have been shot, even while wearing vests labeling their roles. Children injured, permanently disabled and killed by Israeli bullets.

Those supportive of Israel are willfully blind to the fact that the UN has criticized Israel for over 50 years for illegal occupation of Palestine and the Golan Heights in Syria. The UN peacekeeping force maintains a semi-permanent presence to separate the Golan Heights from the rest of Syria in an attempt to fence Israel in.

That is completely aside from the also illegal occupation of Palestine, which is not allowed a formal military force to defend against Israeli aggression. Over decades, Israel has expanded housing colonies declared illegal under international law, encroaching ever further across Palestine. Those colonies are connected by highways on which Palestinians can be shot for simply walking across the road.

Palestinians live under trade sanctions imposed by Israel, enforced by the US government. Those trade sanctions keep all of Palestine in poverty, with over 40% unemployment. Israeli forces regularly fire upon and kill Palestinian fishermen in Palestinian waters.

Most Palestinians have no access to clean water. In some areas the water is only turned on for a few hours 1–2 times a week. Power is controlled by Israel and only turned on for 4 hours a day. Making refrigeration and climate control impossible. Keep in mind, this is in the desert.

Meanwhile, Israel has never helped America in any way that did not stand to directly benefit Israel. They have not helped in armed conflicts. Nor humanitarian relief.

Israel continually claims to be under attack or a victim in some form. Yet documents and past news reports have shown that they have instigated every single military conflict they have engaged in. They have attacked every single neighboring nation at some point, other than Saudi Arabia. They have attacked Palestine, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, Sinai and Lebanon. In addition, in 1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty in a bombardment lasting over an hour, killing 34 crew members and injuring 171. Israel claimed it was a case of mistaken identity, yet the ship was displaying the US flag at the time.

In the current Syrian conflict, Israel has admitted to lending assistance to Al Qaeda members, in addition to repeatedly bombing Syria, using a Russian aircraft as cover during one attack, leading to the Russian craft being shot down and the crew killed. The Russian craft was firing on terrorists while the Israelis were openly attacking Syrian ground positions. In another instance, Israeli jets bombing ground positions in Syria used a civilian airliner as cover in a blatant attempt to trick Syrian forces into shooting down a civilian craft. Syria did not take the bait. At no time has Israel been attacked from Syrian territory during the Syrian conflict.

Now, in all of this, do you see any negative mention of any religion? Anywhere? Being against a murderous state government which has been duplicitous and murderous for generations is not an attack on a religion.

There is nothing unreasonable in not wanting proven interference in our government from another country, no matter what their lobbying and propaganda machine claims.

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Issues unite, names divide

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