Alex Jones- Hero of the LEFT?!!

You could not write this as fiction if you tried. It is too strange for fiction.

The People vs Alex Jones?

Many people reading this are too young, have forgotten or merely paid no attention to the actual court case of the People vs Larry Flint. Let me recap. Larry Fling was a vile person. Yet in the early 70’s the government tried shutting down his publication/s for public indecency. It was an attempt at censorship.

What most who even followed the case did not realize was that pornography was NOT what the case was truly about. Larry flint was openly and vocally against the Vietnam war. I recall during the case, he published full color, unedited images of victims in Vietnam. At the time, they were the most horrific images I had ever seen. They gave me nightmares and I recall some of them to this day. They explained so much of why vets came home addicted and with PTSD.

While I will not give Jones quite as much credit, his silencing on popular platforms mirrors much of the Larry Flint case. While I personally consider him to be a nut job, he challenges the narrative. It is more than curious that he, with tens of millions of followers, gets removed from multiple platforms ALL ON THE SAME DAY, almost immediately after starting a petition to Trump for the purpose of pardoning Julian Assange.

This attempt to remove Jones from the public view will backfire epically. It already has. Before Monday, how many on the left had given him a single thought in months? Even if you did, it was because of some limited article someone posted which you saw. Thought of him for minutes and then moved on. Now he has been handed the chance to file a court challenge against those who removed his pages. That court case has the potential and likelihood to reach the Supreme Court.

Which means that we will see a LOT of Alex Jones for YEARS.

Even worse, he has become a martyr. Not just for the far right, but for the far left. HERO the SOCIALISTS in this battle. I wrote yesterday how Terms of Service (ToS) agreements can be interpreted and changed by the corporation at any time, in any way they choose. I won’t repeat that whole argument. See that article. I’ve written many times in the past that the far left and far right have more in common than centrists. The only difference is that the far right sees infringement of their rights as coming from the government. The far left sees it as corporate control. Maybe this case will convince the far right of what we have been saying all along.

I know. Economically, it will take more. Like the complete crash of the economy. Give it time, it’s coming. Soon. Very soon.

So it will be the ultimate irony if Alex Jones (the figure, not the person) becomes the one who winds up uniting all of us in some ways. The man who supports oppression of many parts of our society may pave the way for people standing together and fighting for our freedom in very real terms. That leads to communication across party lines.

Many centrists who support his censorship say it is not the government who took action against him, it was corporations, They like to say private but these companies are publicly held. However, NOT held accountable to the public. In addition, there are laws in place which limit the amount of data the government can COLLECT. There is NO limit to how much money they can buy or require corporations to REPORT to them. The NSA, FBI and CIA work directly hand in hand with corporations. We have seen this regarding mass surveillance and information leaked by Snowden.

There are laws which state the GOVERNMENT cannot censor news or information. There are NO laws stating that they cannot instruct corporations to take direct action in their stead. Not long ago, that is EXACTLY what CONgress did. They TOLD FB, Google, Twitter and all social media to take steps to CENSOR anyone who contradicts the government narrative. If you are remotely awake, you WATCHED this happen.

We have already watched as the government waged war on whistle blowers. Manning, Assange, Wikileaks, demonetized Progressive and Conservative sources. They call RT Russian propaganda, even though RT has Larry King, Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight), Chris Hedges, Jesse Ventura and previously had Abby Martin and Thom Hartmann for years. Many Americans sat by and watched silently.

In the time since Jones was censored, other names have been silenced in one way or another. Peter Van Buren has been permanently removed from Twitter. Daniel McAdams. Both from the Ron Paul Institute. Scott Horton of All strong anti-war voices. All advocates for pardoning Assange, freedom of the press and freedom of speech. More names will be added to that list.

Yesterday, one article I tried sharing by Caitlin Johnstone was marked as against ToS on FB. Several posts and articles of my own were marked as spam by the system and I spent nearly an hour confirming my account, getting articles and posts restored. On most days, I probably would not have time. But I expect more attacks to come.

So, now we have someone who is a cheer leader for fascism becoming a victim of the system he promotes. In effect, being a poster child for fighting against that system. It would be funny as hell if Jones turned around and became something of a Socialist. But that would be fantasy. (Unless he goes broke. Then there’s a chance. He’s definitely an opportunist.)

A big question for me is, what is the REAL intent here? Because this causing him to be MORE visible and the likelihood of him filing extremely high level court cases is highly predictable. So, is this all a game being played on us? If you think any of this is unthinkable, you haven’t been paying attention at all.

Issues unite, names divide

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