Throughout social media, those of us who support knowledge about other countries, other cultures outside the control of the American Empire, hear it constantly, “America, love it or leave it.”

This is nothing new. Activists fighting for a broader view have heard these words for generations. In 1984, Jackson Browne published a song, “For America”. Part of the lyrics are-

“As if freedom was a question of might/As if loyalty was black and white/You hear people say it all the time/My country wrong or right/I want to know what that’s got to do/With what it takes to find out what’s true/With everyone from the president on down/Trying to keep it from you”

If you’ve never heard that song (or the entire album), I highly recommend it. It widened my vision at the time it came out and remains highly relevant today, if not more so.

So, what is it that makes so many of we activists anti-American?

Is it that we do not want conflict with a nuclear power? Be realistic. Let’s say the Russiagate BS turns out to have the slightest truth to it. Is that a rationale for warfare? Or is it a rationale for election reform? Paper trails, federally funded elections, ranked choice voting, eliminating superdelegates, open primaries, open debates? That would make a lot more sense and would not risk nuclear annihilation. Nor would it cost tens of billions of dollars every single year.

Is it opposing spending billions on weapons which pose no profit for the general public? That’s not even capitalism. It’s Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest of us who pay for it as social programs are gutted to pay for more wars.

Is it thinking that money would be far better spent building roads and bridges or investing in low interest small business loans? Guess what? That would create far more jobs than weapons contracts and many of those jobs would be at equal or higher pay, spread across the entire country instead of a few limited locales. Plus nobody would have to die for those jobs.

Is it thinking that all Americans deserve decent medical care? Other countries do it and have far higher quality of consistent medical care, higher quality of life and longer lifespans with less consumer debt. Universal healthcare would also create many thousands of jobs and save lives while preventing crushing debt from medical bills. It would also prevent the insidious rate of closure of hospitals, currently closing at a rate of 35 a year, mostly in rural and low income areas.

Is it actually speaking the words that our economy is not stable? Our national debt is now over $22 trillion and accounts for over 1/3 of all national debt globally. That is only mentioning the national debt. Consumer debt now tops $13 trillion in the US. Corporate debt is stated to be over $9 trillion before accounting for a record rate of retail closures which will lead to manufacturing failures very soon. Student loan debt is over $1.5 trillion. All told, that is a total of $44.5 trillion in US debt. Student loan defaults are at record highs, as are vehicle loan defaults. Nothing about this is stable and none of it indicates a strong economy.

Is it pointing out that our national debt has been rising unabated for 19 years with no signs of slowing down? Teenagers just entering the job market have never seen this country out of debt in their whole lives. They cannot even imagine it.

Is it opposing all the wars we are in, even if we don’t call them wars? We are bombing 7 countries, arming countries who are bombing more countries, while we are threatening even other countries. The entire planet is at risk of warfare and the US is the epicenter of that threat. The same teenagers I mentioned have never seen this country not at war even one minute of their lives. In just the past two days we have seen a fabricated event intended to drag us into war with Iran.

Is it comparing what other countries do to what our country does? Funny, the same people calling us un-American are probably envious of their neighbors in a nonstop game of “keeping up with the Jones’s.” Ask the ones who want no comparison made as to what they think of anyone on food stamps. Yet they will likely worship the rich who steal trillions from them, from the economy, every single year.

Is it that we endorse education and awareness, rather than blind faith and willful ignorance? Those who call us anti-American are constantly torn between, “get an education” (and incur debt) and “enter a trade”, so you will always work for those with higher education and always be at risk of layoff because of stock prices. You’ve seen it happen many times.

Is it being in favor of all religions being treated equally? Or even knowing what other religions believe in before criticizing? Not many Christians know that Jesus is mentioned in the Quran in a respectful way 25 times. Or that he is respected as a teacher by Buddhists.

Is it that we simply call into question the idea that the US is the center of everything? That we point out that other countries do trade with and even talk to each other peacefully without our approval? They do so quite effectively. So much so that China is the world leading consumer market and Russia is the world’s largest grain exporter. If you listen to corporate media, you will never know these things.

Is it that we value a woman’s right to decide what happens to her body? Pro-lifers are not pro-life, they are pro-forced-birth. They do not support universal healthcare, increased wages, ending wars or oppose the death penalty. Yet they think a rapist or molester should have parental visitation or even custody rights.

None of these things make us un-American. These things make us very American. I have said before that if you do not support the rights of the people of your country, you can not claim to be a patriot. If the only rights you support are your own, you are not loyal to your country, you are loyal to yourself. The same is true if you only support those who agree with you on every opinion, share the same race, same religion, etc. You’re nothing but a narcissist who doesn’t GAF about your country. Put down that flag and stop spouting some holier-than-thou nonsense of telling others to leave the country and the people that WE are defending while you offend everything that is TRULY American.

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I wrote this for the express purpose of posting it every time I encounter someone spout the claim that I am un-American. Feel free to save it and do the same when you encounter that behavior because we will be dealing with it more and more frequently from now through the end of 2020. You can post the link directly or, failing that, copy and paste the whole thing. No attribution required because we are all going to be facing the same challenge.

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