Are you kidding?

The lack of trust in media absolutely stems from poor journalistic practices. Opinions stated as fact is the absolute worst aspect. Not to mention the intentional neglect to ask pertinent questions.

Take Russiagate as an example. We have been hearing abut this issue for over two years now. As of today, no evidence has been presented, yet MSM reports “unnamed anonymous sources” offering no verifiable evidence and states it as fact. They completely ignore the fact that the claims of “high confidence” come primarily from the exact same sources that said the exact same words about WMD’s in Iraq. How did that work out for you?

On Kavanaugh, MSM followed the theater of the sexual allegations which served as a distraction from inspecting his judicial history, which is completely pro-corporate. The sexual allegations are relevant by all means but were used to turn the entire affair into an extended episode of Jerry Springer.

America, the Trailer Park edition.

Meanwhile, more Americans than ever are fully aware of the fact that MSM is owned and manipulated by WAR Street. Weapons manufacturers, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies advertise on network and cable stations continuously with rarely an examination of their practices and NO open admission of how much money the station makes annually from that advertising.

Fox may report on “Welfare Nation” but did any “liberal” source ever examine how food stamps and social support programs benefit the economy in general? Fact check what Fox “reported”? Not once that I ever heard of.

Lastly, the media suppresses reporting on many important issues. Complete blackout on Bernie Sanders during 2016, while he drew massive crowds with only hours notice. How much have you heard about China canceling ALL oil sales to the US last week and the effect on the petrodollar? Or why that caused a domestic oil glut yet gas prices increased the same weekend? I could continue for pages but the point is that this article is little more than propaganda trying to take the blame off the media for blatant journalistic malpractice.

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Issues unite, names divide

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