Basically you are against nationalizing any industry which holds enough power to destroy lives.

Most of the most beneficial, effective medications have been developed by universities. Most of the medications which are unsafe and never should have been approved have been developed by corporations using falsified research.

I notice you conveniently skipped over the part about oil being one of our top three exports and top three imports. Was that fact not conducive to your defense of the oil industry?

I seriously suggest you watch Oliver Stone’s Untold History of The United States. You still think we’re “the good guys”.

And stop worshiping capitalism. It is literally a religion. One for which believers are willing to allow others to suffer and die or actively cause that suffering and death. For what? What is money? Numbers on paper, digital impulses. Money does not exist. It has no value except that which we assign it. If we all agreed it had no value today, tomorrow there would be no wars over money.

Both Russia and China have economies that have been growing for years. Know what industries both still have nationalized? Medicine, energy and military technology. Compare to our economy. How many wars are China and Russia involved in? How many countries are they bombing? How many countries are they threatening? Compare to us.

Your entire defense sounds like someone defending a stock portfolio, not reason or ethics.

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Issues unite, names divide

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