Bernie Can STFU About Venezuela

Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders tweeted and made statements about Venezuela, saying Maduro needs to restrain from violence against his people, allow US “humanitarian aid” into the country and hold new “supervised” elections.

Here’s what Bernie intentionally did not mention:

Venezuela has received humanitarian assistance from several European nations, Russia and China. I believe Mexico has also provided assistance. So, if the US really wants to offer assistance, why not hand that aid over to one or several other countries, so they can inspect the items for safety before delivery?

Venezuela does not need humanitarian aid. They need the US-imposed sanctions lifted so they can provide for themselves.

There has been no documentation of Venezuelan government violence against the people of the country. All violence which has occurred has been instigated by the CIA-enabled “opposition” trying to overthrow the government.

Bernie has not mentioned the reports from Progressive reporters coming out of the country. Aaron Mate (The Nation) has reported and sent video of opposition protests where groups responded to Guaido (who remains free) yelling, “Maduro asshole”. No police. No arrests. No oppression. Abby Martin has been in the country for quite some time reporting that there is unrest in the country but is nothing which is portrayed here. Max Blumenthal has sent video showing grocery stores and street markets selling toilet paper and other items our media claim are not available in the country. Each have presented video showing massive rallies against US interference. Each have shown citizens going about their daily lives. No starvation, no violence in their everyday lives. All three of the mentioned reporters have been recently in Venezuela or are there currently.

The election in Venezuela was monitored by representatives of forty countries who deemed the election valid. Compare that to our own election in 2016. What has Bernie said about the DNC fraud lawsuit? Nothing. Silence for 2 1/2 years. Even if he opposes the lawsuit, he has never said so publicly. Instead, he is running under the DNC banner yet again.

Tell me, how many superdelegates do they have in Venezuela?

How many super-PACs do they have in Venezuela?

Bernie supporters claim he does not support intervention in Venezuela. Really? Then if Maduro does not comply with these demands, then what? Do we intensify sanctions? Will that ease the alleged humanitarian crisis? Will that provide needed items to the people? Or make things worse? Sanctions are acts of war. Sanctions kill. The country lacks medical supplies more than they lack food. Chemotherapy drugs and antibiotics, surgical equipment. Toilet paper? Oh, yeah, that’s a crisis. Maybe to a plumber.

Or will the US send military forces for a “humanitarian intervention” like Libya? Iraq? Maybe arm proxy forces as in Syria? Good luck, even Colombia doesn’t like that idea. They know violence in Venezuela will spill over the border into their own country. Not to mention that Colombia knows they could be next for a big dose of “democracy”. How long would such interventions last? Look how long the conflict in the Middle East has lasted and expanded to consume the entire region.

At this point any true Progressives are dead set against our actions against Venezuela. Then again, Progressives are the ones most likely to seek to be informed by means other than corporate, pro-war media. We understand the forces at play, the goals desired, the tactics being attempted.

Honestly, one has to question whether Bernie has any desire to attract the Progressive vote or if he is trying to look like a Progressive while shilling for the neoliberal, previous Hillary supporting crowd. The ones easily manipulated by nothing but a name. The ones who will follow the Party and the corporate media. Or maybe he is already trying to throw the 2020 election so he can support another neoliberal “chosen one”.

There is nothing to trust in this scenario.

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Issues unite, names divide

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