Bernie Did NOT Fill Stadiums

For over two years we have listened to Berniebots saying that Bernie filled stadiums. Many still have that delusion.

No, Bernie did not fill stadiums. He filled fewer seats than even Hillary did after the convention.

Know what did fill those seats? People filled those stadiums. Ideas filled those stadiums. WE filled those stadiums. Issues filled those stadiums. Issues that people wanted to talk about. That people still want to talk about. Millions of us had talked about many of the same issues for years. Many of us said we had waited our entire lives for a politician to voice those issues. Some had extended hope with Obama in 2008. He failed us miserably. Note I state he failed US. He absolutely succeeded in what he had promised his corporate masters. So Bernie gave us that voice. He spoke about the things we had talked about quietly for so long.

So, what happened to his audience after the convention? Was he filling stadiums any more? No. He barely drew any more audience than Hillary herself did and that audience was historically, comically low for a presidential candidate.

That alone is enough of an indicator of the truth. Have we stopped talking about universal healthcare? Ending wars? Increasing wages? ELECTION INTEGRITY?!!! (Something Bernie has not mentioned at all. Not once.)

Yet, here we are 3 weeks until midterms and too many people keep talking about Bernie. Why? What is his relevance to the midterms? Nothing. He is a distraction, a diversion that keeps people from talking about issues and policies which ARE relevant right this minute.

That is the intent. Distract, divert, divide.

That is the intent of paying attention to Bernie. That was part of the intent of the sexual allegations against Kavanaugh as opposed to examining his past judicial decisions. That is the intent of increasing rhetoric about Russia. That is the purpose of every “but Trump” message you hear.

Have you noticed Democrats attack Trump for his atrocious tariffs but they offer no alternative trade policy? Notice they remain silent about sanctions, which do just as much harm? They remain silent on increasing military threats against Russia, China and anyone else that comes along?

In the next three weeks I promise you are going to hear more about Russia. Probably another “this is the big one” from Mueller that is just another BS claim with no evidence. How many “this is the big one” moments have there been from Mueller that would “take Trump down next month”? We will hear even MORE “but Trump”. More attacks on the GOP tax cuts, just before Democrats vote to approve them.

And we will hear a lot more about Bernie.

Just keep chasing those squirrels, look at the big bright shiny, fall in line. Don’t bother to read the policies of anyone you vote for. Just pull the blue lever and call yourself an activist. Call yourself “woke”. And then go watch more corporate TV.

Those issues, ideas, people will continue filling stadiums no matter WHO is talking about them in a realistic manner. And we don’t need Russiagate or election fraud denial to do it.

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Issues unite, names divide

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