Bernie Is The New “I’m With Her”

Something which started small and has continued to expand as we get closer to 2020 is something I completely expected. Bernie is the new “I’m with her”.

What do I mean by this?

Never question. In 2016, we were not allowed to so much as question whether Hillary had done anything wrong. If you did so, you were ostracized, belittled, called a trump supporter or a Russian troll. Now it’s 2019 and the same thing is being seen by Bernie supporters.

I am a Russian troll. I find it especially ironic to be called a Russian troll by Bernie supporters, seeing that there were claims in 2016 that he was a Russian puppet. That was followed by Bernie himself stating that if his own supporters questioned Hillary, they were Russian trolls or had fallen for Russian propaganda. He used the usual Establishment tactic of making his claim vague, nonspecific and offered no detail on what, exactly, the exact propaganda was. He continues pushing Russiagate even now. Even after the Mueller report, even as millions of his own followers have said they will not vote for him if he continues doing so. There is never mention of the cost measured in tens of billions of dollars in increased “defense” spending. Never mention of the risk of an actual World War which would all stem from this fabrication.

No mention of election fraud. Through 2016 and up until today, the DNC has never directly addressed allegations of election fraud in the 2016 primary. Neither has Bernie. He simply doesn’t talk about it. Which means nothing will actually be done about it. Superdelegates still exist, still hold enormous power within the DNC. The number of DNC candidates is an absolute insurance plan that superdelegates will have their say in second round voting for the DNC nominee.

Election reform? One vital step we need in election reform is a paper trail. If Bernie has mentioned this, it has only been in the form of attacking the GOP for not approving federal funding for paper ballots. He does not mention that this is something funded and implemented at the state level, not federal. So it is simply a divisive tactic created and dictated by the DNC. Do we hear him talk of ranked choice voting? His followers may openly discuss ranked choice voting but does Bernie, himself? Eliminating corporate money from politics would be an extremely valid option for having more valid elections. Rescinding Citizens United is not enough for that. The only real way to eliminate corporate money in politics would be through federally funded elections. For a self-proclaimed Socialist, don’t you find it strange Bernie has not suggested that?

Passive-aggressive warmongering. In the case of Venezuela, Bernie has issued mandates to Maduro, saying Maduro must hold another election. A “supervised” election. Supervised by whom? The election in Venezuela was monitored by observers from 40 countries and deemed valid. Bernie pushes that 50 nations back Guaido but fails to mention that at least 75 countries back Maduro. Bernie also insisted Maduro must allow Western aid into the country. He never mentions that Venezuela received aid from numerous other countries. Russia, China, Mexico among them. While Bernie claims to be against regime change, notice that he never says what should happen if Maduro does not comply with the mandates. Sanctions? Sanctions kill. They are acts of war. Sanctions are how Venezuela came to be in the condition it is in. All of this being aside from the fact that all these demands are exactly what Trump has been demanding. No doubt Hillary would just have Maduro assassinated but regime change is still the end result. US hegemony is still the end result.

Kindly explain to me in rational detail how Bernie is raging about election integrity in Venezuela yet still silent about the 2016 primary rigging. I’ll wait.

DNC Loyalty Pledge. Bernie publicly signed the DNC Loyalty Pledge, stating if he does not get the Democratic nomination, he will endorse any candidate the DNC runs. Any candidate. Think about that. How is that any different from 2016? He has literally promised to do the same thing as 2016 all over again if he is not the nominee. Admittedly, Hillary demanded the DNC be loyal to her rather than the other way around but the result for us is still the same, that none of that loyalty is to we, the voters.

Your choice. None of this is saying Bernie is completely evil. He promotes and has promoted some good ideas. I campaigned for him ferociously through the 2016 primary. I will not say do not vote for him. What I am saying is that you should not be blind to facts. Don’t be another “I’m with her” voter who denies all doubt, all discrepancy, all danger. Don’t cheer for Medicare For All when there is so much else attached to it. We can work toward universal healthcare. It does not need to have one name attached to it when the majority of Americans support the concept.

We have no heroes. We are our own heroes. Let’s act like it.

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