The count is not absolutely complete but has stabilized with Biden consistently in the lead by a very narrow margin. His lead is by less than 5 million votes and just barely 3% of over 148 million total votes.

So, Joe Biden is now the official incoming president of the US.

I say official because it’s unlikely he will be the acting president but merely the figurehead, a mannequin being operated by and in tandem with the unelected deep state, MIC, corporations and powerful elite structures which have been the true power over our lives for as far back as any of us can remember.

The popular response I have been getting has been, “Well, at least now we can have peace.” No, YOU can have peace, you believe. However, that is not peace you are experiencing or will experience. It is willful ignorance, the attempt to go back to sleep.

You may find it peaceful that there will no longer be any form of “Resistance”. Never mind that Biden will continue and expand the same flow of wealth to the top, the same international tensions, the same bombing of other countries, the same murderous sanctions which Trump has engaged in. Which were a continuation and expansion of the policies which Obama engaged in. Which were a continuation and expansion over GWB. Which were a continuation and expansion from Bill Clinton. Which continued and expanded from Bush Sr. Who continued and expanded from Reagan and so on. You can keep going back as far as you like, through Vietnam, through the Bay of Pigs, through the Korean War and all the lesser mentioned conflicts in between and backward. Through all the economic crises we have experienced, all the recessions, all the depressions, all the social movements which have destroyed so many lives.

You may find it peaceful that the media will remain silent as Biden commits the same atrocities as Trump or far worse. When they mention any of it, it will be with glowing praise of a “strong leader”.

You may find it peaceful that the incoming administration will use the next 2–8 years claiming GOP obstruction to avoid passing any legislation or executive orders which even remotely resemble Progressive policies which they have absolutely no intention of passing or even introducing.

What you call peace is what I call gaslighting. What you call peace is what I call censorship. What you call peace I call blackballing, whitewashing, warmongering, intentional partisan division, genocide, feudalism, neoliberal propaganda and the ongoing race to extinction at breakneck speed.

What you call peace is what silenced and attacked the Sanders campaign prior to the 2016 convention. Which silenced, covered up and attacked the Gabbard campaign in 2019 through 2020. Which makes no mention of the Hunter Biden emails, which demonizes Julian Assange and makes no mention of his torture, which never mentions Manning or Snowden. This is a peace that discredits or makes no mention of the OPCW scandal. A peace which recognizes Guaido as the president of Venezuela. Which makes no mention of slaves in Libya or the genocide of the people of Yemen or Palestine.

Your peace will now make no mention of millions of Americans being evicted from their residences with no place to go. Not mentioned because it cannot be simply blamed on Trump without placing the impetus to act on the incoming administration which has not even mentioned the subject.

Your peace resides in the Russiagate claims which have suddenly fallen completely silent in the past few days. Did you even notice that Russiagate magically disappeared? Unlike the buildup of US forces at the Russian border and will continue.

Your peace resides in US forces occupying Syria and Iraq illegally, a continued presence in Afghanistan and intensifying naval presence in the South China Sea since the Obama/Biden/Clinton “Pivot to Asia”. All of which will continue but you can be at peace knowing you will not hear a word about it.

Your peace lies in your latte, your Lexus, your day spa treatments, your stock portfolio, your wine and Xanax and Prozac. You can pack your pink pussy hats in the back of the closet and claim victory. You can drive past the tent cities, the miles long lines at food banks, annoyed at how it slows down your trip to the salon. You can drive past the VA and the veteran on the corner with PTSD. You can think, “what a shame” about the millions laid off or working 4 jobs, secure in the knowledge that “that’s just the way it is” and never utter a word of responsibility.

Then, again-

Times have changed. Those of us on the actual left will not allow you that peace. We will keep pushing every bit of this in your face. Aaron Mate and the Gray Zone, Max Blumenthal, Abby Martin, Matt Taibbi, Caitlyn Johnstone, Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, Kyle Kulinski, Ray McGovern, Joe Lauria, Elizabeth Vos and the rest at Consortium News, Dr Richard Wolff and myself. You can absolutely count on the fact that none of us are going away, none of us will be dragged to the right. Ever. I may have the smallest audience on the list but will always lend my voice, will continue the same fight in the absolute knowledge that this so-called peace is not peace but a delusion. One bombastic and crude name being displaced does nothing to change the battle or the war.

The above are all voices you should be listening to. Not neoliberal puppets telling you how everything is all good now that Trump will be gone. There are absolute reasons Trump was elected. There are absolute reasons that Biden’s lead equals only 3%, currently counted as 5 million votes out of 146 million votes.

So put down your latte and park your Lexus. You can keep the Xanax and Prozac. You’re going to need it.

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Issues unite, names divide

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