Joe Biden says if he is elected that we will find a cure for cancer. Really?

So, before making this announcement, he began with his own sob story. I do not demean his own past tragedy but I do demean his using that loss as a political manipulation. His sob story was intended to make you feel sorry for Biden. Then he follows up with the announcement that we will find a cure for cancer if he is elected. That part was intended to make you feel empowered, like he will be a savior against something fearful.

As many have pointed out, cancer is an umbrella term. There are numerous types of cancer but the umbrella term indicates abnormal cell growth somewhere in the body. Small cell lung cancer is different from non-small cell lung cancer. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is different from non-Hodgkin’s, liver cancer is different from skin cancer and so on. Each type of cancer currently requires a different treatment method because one size does not fit all.

Still, let’s take a look at the implications of his statement.

On one hand, maybe he knows something we don’t. Maybe there is some secret cure for cancer which he knows about. In this case, that means he and others know about this cure and he will only allow that cure to be revealed if and when he is handed the title of the most powerful position in the world. So, this raises several questions. Such as, what happens if he does not win that title? Does he keep it secret? Seems so. Even if he does win, that means he will allow many thousands to suffer and die from cancer between now and next November, held hostage and literally killed so he can gain power.

The other implication is more likely. That no cure yet exists. So, what he is really saying is that he will increase funding for cancer research. Sounds noble except for one thing. Biden does not endorse universal healthcare. So he is literally saying he will hand large sums of money to drug companies. Your tax money will go to drug companies to find a cure for cancer. However, if they find a cure and then you get cancer, you will only have access to the cure that you already paid for if you have the means to give the drug companies even more money. If you do not have the means to do so, too bad so sad, you die a potentially very painful death.

Biden is doing two things with his statement-

First, he is publicly signalling to the drug companies what favors he is going to grant them and have the public fully behind those favors. The result is obvious. The drug companies will donate huge amounts to his campaign.

The other is that he is playing your emotions. First with his sob story, then to get you mindlessly cheering for something which he cannot promise. No political outcome and no amount of money can predict or insure that a cure for cancer will be found in a certain time frame or while a certain person is in office.

The fact is, if a potential cure exists in trials right this minute, those trials have to be completed before that cure will be released for public human use. There have been many “miracle” cures for different diseases over the years and many wound up causing worse problems. So if a cure were found during his time in office which is not currently in clinical trials, his term would likely be over before we could use that cure.

What Biden is doing here is despicable. Using the fear of many people to gain votes for his own selfish desire for power. He makes promises which he cannot deliver on, while refusing to endorse a universal healthcare system which would fund current cancer treatments which would save millions of lives without leading to financial distress or even bankruptcy. He is telling the drug companies he is on their side to whore himself and you out for their money.

Cancer treatment has improved so much over the years that cancer survival rates have increased by 27% in the last 25 years. Yet the cost has gone through the roof to access that treatment. We need universal healthcare so anyone that gets cancer can get treatment.

Tell Biden to screw himself.

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