BLM Versus Identity Politics

I have received several responses across platforms now using Black Lives Matter (BLM) as a negative response to my article about identity politics, here:

Seriously? When you use BLM as an argument to support the status quo, you are literally using identity politics to support identity politics.

Here’s what’s worse. Multiple people have used the exact same argument, almost or entirely word for word. Hmm. Does that mean I have gained enough attention that people are using copy and paste arguments against me? That means I’m hitting a nerve. It also means that CTR is back in full swing. No question about that since David Brock is back in public view. Paid trolls.

We can expect a lot more of this for the next two years. Trolls and DNC sycophants trying to shove empty, useless platitudes down our throats in an attempt at division and invalidation of the Progressive agenda. Taking anything and everything they can out of context. Not one word about policy. “You didn’t focus on just one cohort of society or use the magic words to gain our approval!!” Yet even if you use the “magic words” you will be met with contempt if you are not bowing down and falling in line like a good slave to the system.

I have been an activist for equality my whole life. One can look down my list of articles, posts, social media activity and anything else. What you will see is a consistent stance addressing the inequities in our social and economic system. Across all genders, races, religions, sexual orientations and anything else you can name. Do I really have to focus on one movement? No, I do not. There are times when that may be appropriate but it tends to be rare.

Income inequality is not a racial issue, much as some would love to claim it is. Do rich people of minorities act differently than rich white people? Typically, if they do it is more marketing than reality. Would they support increased taxation of the rich if it helps the poor of their race? That tells you everything there. Yes, there are exceptions but there are exceptions of all races.

The rich are rich, they are in their own little world which does not include or concern itself with you. Warmongers are warmongers and do not care about any lives but their own. There are racists of all colors and you can stop pretending being a minority makes you immune from being racist.

Right now and through the history of this country, white men have been the richest and most powerful. It is not their race that is the issue. They often use it as a tool in many ways but color is not the concern. Take a look at corporations with minority executives. On average, do they treat their employees better, pay more, offer better benefits? No. Look at other countries where people of color are the majority and hold the highest positions of power. Does their color lead them to treat citizens with more justice? No, it does not. Does bigotry exist in such countries? Do I have to answer that?

Actionable policies. Yes, I support BLM, among many other movements for equality. However, I am not going to kiss anyone’s ass. Which is what politicians and so-called activists do when they spew empty rhetoric. When you truly support equality it means actionable policies which lead to that equality.

Here are just a few of those actionable policies I strongly support:

Civilian oversight of police and court sentencing.

Grand jury indictment power for police oversight committees with mandatory public hearing of evidence.

Police body cams that cannot be turned off. Video available to the press on formal request without delay of any kind for any reason except victim privacy. In which case steps should be taken to preserve anonymity of the victims if requested.

Increasing wages.

Higher taxes on the rich and corporations.

Treating addiction as an illness rather than a crime. Elimination of minor non-violent drug possession charges. Erasing records for these crimes.

Enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. Ending gerrymandering. Universal voting registration for all citizens.

Universal healthcare.

Universal adult education.

Permanent changes. Notice anything in common with the above policies? Every single one of them entails a permanent change to our social and economic system. None are short term band-aids for gaping wounds. None are empty platitudes that lead nowhere. Are they all-encompassing for all our social problems? Absolutely not.

Am I finished writing for the rest of my life by stating them? You have to ask? I’ve delved into many of these issues in depth, sometimes repeatedly. Right now I have partial articles I have not finished and mental notes for future writing. Often so many ideas that I forget some if I do not write them down. I wake up in the middle of my sleep with fully formed ideas.

I’m not stopping any time soon.

If you want to stick to one issue exclusively, I suggest you start writing your own articles. Don’t try and subvert my writing for your purpose. Stop trying to attack me or other actual Progressives fighting for real change. Start thinking about where you want to go and how you expect to get there. Because that is my entire focus. I am fine with constructive criticism and opposing views if they are rational and well defined. If they suggest actual ideas. I love debate. I block trolls without exception and without shame.

If you are not part of the solution, you are the problem.

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Issues unite, names divide

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