“But They HAD To..!!”

This is one of the most fatiguing things I deal with constantly regarding sociopolitical arguments. Yes, I will label them as arguments, not debates because they are built on supposition and excuse-making, not verifiable facts.

This excuse is used widely, by supporters of one official or candidate after another. Trump supporters do this a lot.

The ones nearly or just as likely to do this are Sander supporters. “But he HAD to..” campaign for Hillary, go on the DNC Unity Tour, remain silent on the DNC fraud lawsuit, sign the DNC Loyalty Pledge, agree to the DNC Unity fundraising video, say he will endorse ANY candidate the DNC runs if he does not get the nomination (something nobody else seems to have had to say), keep pushing Russiagate even in January of this year.. The list goes on endlessly.

Here is the major problem with this excuse- If you use it now, you illustrate the fact that you will continue using it if he were elected. You are not demanding changes to the system. You are surrendering to that system. The fact that you are willing to use it for basically every single perceivable flaw in his behavior, performance or policies says you would have no problem to repeat that excuse for 4 years, 8 years, etc. Why not? Many of you used that excuse with Obama for 8 years and are still doing so today.

Different entities. Under Obama, Democrats claimed he was forced into decisions by the Republican party. With Sanders, people are claiming he is forced into decisions by the Democratic party. Yet the same people who are making these claims hate the Republicans and say “we need unity” IN the Democratic party.

Anti-establishment? There is nothing anti-establishment by adopting and promoting the view that we all must surrender to the two party, corporate-owned, kleptocratic system. How is it fighting that establishment to follow their rules to such an exorbitant degree? People were willing to close their eyes and use this excuse as Obama bombed 7 countries and bailed out Wall Street. This means if Sanders started bombing even more countries, that excuse will continue. Will you do that and still claim to be antiwar?

Or else what? Many people want to use this excuse but they never have any specific threat which is allegedly being used against the candidate. So, let’s say you are correct. They HAVE to.. Or else what? Or else people will die? That’s happening now. It’s been happening for years. Or else the party will sabotage their campaign? That’s happening now and been happening for years. Or else they won’t be allowed to be on special committees? Boo hoo. If elected, they will order those committees. If not elected, how much of a change will occur? Their pay cannot be threatened. Their current elected office position cannot be threatened. What is the threat? Has their family been threatened? The best way to deal with that is to announce it publicly. NONE of these threats have EVER been recorded? AT ALL?

No, they do NOT “have to..” The simple fact of the matter is that no elected official or candidate for office HAS to do what the party orders them to do, short of illegal actions or ethics violations (which many elected officials violate all the time).

Notice that Tulsi Gabbard has not done many of the things that people claim candidates “have to do”. She is openly defiant against those rules. Yes, she has suffered repercussions within the party but she stood her ground. For which she deserves complete respect.

Stop defending cowardice and subservience to the existing system. If you really want to change the system, the way to do it is by praising and supporting those who openly defy the system. Not by closing your eyes to the dangers involved and the highly visible evidence that that person is even more of a slave to that system than their words make them appear. If you want peaceful revolution, that means YOU HAVE TO be a revolutionary. That means YOU HAVE TO stand up. That means YOU HAVE TO stop being complacent. That means YOU HAVE TO stop making excuses.

I stand with Tulsi. Because I stand. I do not bow. I do not grovel. I do NOT have to follow crowds.

Independent? Anti-Establishment? How about we make those words start meaning something besides sharing memes and holding signs while opposing those who actually fight the system? Which side are you on? The people or the Establishment? You are making that choice right this minute. You can choose either side but be honest with yourself about the choice you are making.

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Issues unite, names divide

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