I keep having responses from capitalists trying to attack my writing and concepts. Several have PhD’s in economics. I guess I should take it as a compliment that I am having such an effect.

It would be more than arrogant to say they are envious that I am a top economics writer here on Medium. Yes, they have more education on the subject. However, if they continue promoting the status quo as they are wont to do, I do not consider it education. I consider it nothing but indoctrination.

While I am assertive in my views, in general I try to be polite in my writing and responses. On the other hand, if people actively and purposefully promote views that are harmful by intent or willful ignorance and defend that position I will become far more forceful. Neither I nor our society have any use for people that place profit over people.

These people are brave in their attacks on me, sitting behind their keyboards, still grasping their belief that the economic crash that is coming will not affect them. They are blind to the rising calls for literal revolution. Just because I am not part of that call for taking to the streets does not mean I am complacent or passive. I will not stand down when confronted by aggressive, sometimes racist. capitalists.

I find it more egregious when they claim knowledge of economic systems when they only grasp one economic system and have never even examined other economic systems other than to attempt to discredit systems which are currently outperforming our own system to an extreme degree. It demonstrates clearly that they have no understanding of economics, they only understand capitalism.

In the end, I know the truth. That they do have at least some understanding of other systems. These are the priests.

If I have not explained my view on capitalism, it is that capitalism is a religion. Money is God, bankers and CEO’s are priests, believers are sycophants. Nonbelievers are heretics who must be sacrificed to their God. Money literally does not exist. It holds value only because we agree it has value. It is numbers on paper, digital impulses. If we all agreed today that money has no value, tomorrow there would be no more wars for profit. Yet capitalists are more than willing, sometimes they are even eager to allow or directly cause suffering, destruction and death for their belief system. Some will claim to be Atheists but that’s simply not true. Money is their religion.

Capitalists genuinely subscribe to a belief system in which they, themselves have no value. Only what they possess has value. Take away their possessions and they are worth nothing at all. Because of their ethics, they hold no value to society. If they have no money, they have no value to the capitalist system because they present no profit. They can incur debt, which is of value to the system but that is still no indication of their personal value.

Don’t ask yourself, “What’s in your wallet?” Ask yourself, “What value am I to anyone without my wallet?” Be honest with the answer. If you cannot name anything, it’s time to change your world and personal views.

I will challenge capitalists to name something they have done in their lives for the benefit of others with no profit motive. Almost consistently they will claim that they have donated money to charity.

Without capitalism, the recipients of that charity would not need the donations.

Do they donate so much money that they will be forced to skip a single meal? Not take a vacation? Cancel their cable bill? Place an extra charge on their credit card? No. They donate enough to use as a tax write-off. Maybe they do it to feel better about themselves but more often it is self-promotion. They’re very fast to bring it up.

So I have no tolerance for these attacks. I’ve said before I have no problem blocking people who have no ethics. I have better things to do with my time and my brain cells. Yes, I have an agenda. My agenda is helping to promote a system which benefits all. A system that fairly distributes resources to all and recognizes the value of human and animal existence. That houses the homeless, treats the ill, feeds the hungry, educates children and adults, conserves and heals the environment. If that is not your goal as well, I have no use for you. If your mind is closed to these goals, I have no use for you. Just go away now and save me the effort of blocking you.

If you are a capitalist, I don’t need you. Does anyone?

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Issues unite, names divide

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