For some time I have been warning that another financial crash is looming. As of this year, it is imminent and will happen soon. This crash is going to make all before it seem trivial by comparison for a number of reasons.

The primary reason is the consolidation of wealth into the hands of a minuscule few which has gained attention but to no avail. Many do not understand why this is dangerous or why the very same few would actively manipulate a crash to happen.

The short answer is even greater consolidation of wealth and power. The 0.1% will soon become the 0.001%. That 0.001% will dictate all rules and laws, financial, social, military, you name it.

How did this happen? How does it happen? How will it happen? The answer is the same for all the above. It’s complex but I will keep it simple.

Over decades, we know that wealth has consolidated into the hands of fewer and fewer people. Through most of that time, it happened quietly and the majority were completely unaware. It happened through changes in legislation which allowed corporations to buy back their own stocks. It happened when those who profited off stock manipulations were not criminally punished.

We can compare the stock market to a large poker tournament.

What has happened with each large drop in the stock market this year? Smaller investors sell stocks, unable to tolerate the loss. In large numbers, this causes a drop in stock prices. Then richer investors buy the stock at the lower price.

However, the larger investors can manipulate the market. If they sell large amounts of stock, that CAUSES a drop in stocks. Smaller investors sell off. Then larger investors buy again at lower prices. Small investors go bust, more money accumulates at the richer tables. The ante goes up, smaller investors cannot afford to buy in, table after table of less affluent players eliminated.

It has nothing to do with the skill of the player.

What has happened with each drop in the stock market this year? Fictional rich player John Jones loses $1 trillion in one day. The media reports on that loss. They do not report the obvious, that John is still at the table. They do NOT report what happens to John the next day and the next week unless it’s to cheer for John because he recovered his loss. They do not mention the players forced out of the game. They do not mention that John regained his loss by “winning” the losses of the players forced out.

The media also does not mention the fact that the richest players own the casino. They set the rules of play. They own the bank. They pay the dealers. They pay the security personnel. They control the cameras. They control communications. They pay the floor managers. The media does not mention that they are casino employees and act as the advertising agency.

The ultimate end game in play is for all the wealth and power, the ownership of the casino, to be consolidated into the hands of one or a few players.

The media does not mention that you are not allowed to leave the casino. The world IS the casino. Like it or not, you’re either a player or an employee or both. There are other casinos but the advertising agencies would convince you all other casinos are crooked and they are the only game in town.

Your pay comes from the richest players. You must rent or buy a room. The richest players own the rooms and the banks. You buy food from the buffet, they own the buffet. You pay for first aid, they own the medical facilities. You throw out trash, they own the dump.

So, we are coming to the last hand. The game is nearly over. We will continue to see the ante rise while the spectators cheer for the size of the pot. They do not realize that their pay has been stagnant while prices increase. They do not realize it is still their money on the table and it always was.

What happens when the final hand is dealt and the game is over? Is the money handed back out? Are the final winnings enough for the top players? Or do they merely force you to continue working with no pay, follow their rules? When they have forced all other casinos out of business and there are no options available? What you own does not belong to you, it belongs to them. They no longer have reason to maintain the illusion that you own or get paid, it all comes back to them any way. So why pay it out to begin with?

This is the end goal. Not even a serf society. Not even Communism. Slavery. True oligarchy.

This can only happen with complete economic collapse. When the masses are so desperate they run to the casino owners, begging to become slaves because they have no other options.

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Issues unite, names divide

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