Censorship Does NOT Start With Government

There are still people who support censorship.

These are people who do not follow independent media and have not watched the rising struggle faced by independent media. Demonetization, videos taken down for saying key words. Invalidation because they do not have multi-million dollar budgets and no other reason at times.

These are mostly centrists who follow MSM, allowing corporations tell them what to think in the first place. They are perfectly content with corporate control over every aspect of their lives. They tune in to MSNBC, watch Rachel Maddow screeching about Russia for every episode for two years and believe it. They still think Russia is Communist. They think that the ads by oil companies exonerate environmental disasters. Just check your stock portfolio again. Then change the channel to CNN.

They regurgitate the litany, “Terms of Service, Terms of Service” while bowing down like the sycophants they are. Not noticing ToS’s can be interpreted by the corporation any way the corporation chooses and can be changed any time without notice.

They do not pay any attention that multiple anti-war voices have also been banned from social media this week. Voices that are calm and against violence. People from The Ron Paul Institute and AntiWar.

They repeat the argument that this was an action taken by corporations, not the government. Never mind that it was multiple corporations in cooperation with each other on the same day. Never asking what changed to make this action take place NOW, when Jones has been spewing hatred for years. Trust the corporations. Trust the government.

Historically, censorship has rarely if ever begun with the government in charge when it happens. Over the years, we have seen Phil Donahue, Chris Hedges and Jesse Ventura silenced from MSM for speaking against the Iraq invasion. We have seen Ed Schultz fired from MSNBC for speaking out against TPP. Those were corporate decisions, not government. The people supporting censorship now never notice that they NEVER hear voices against war and in favor of diplomacy on their favorite mind control devices.

Know who does or has supported censorship? Here is a sample list:

Germans in the 1930's.

Stalinist USSR

Communist China

North Korea

Cambodia under Pol Pot

GWB (Executive Privilege)

Obama (signed propaganda and censorship into law)

Hillary (“I will crush the Palestinian solidarity movement” and “We must remove ‘terrorist rhetoric’ from the internet”.)

Saudi Arabia (Our “friends” who publicly behead those critical of the government.)



Corporations (WaPo has a POLICY to punish or terminate journalists who say anything critical of advertisers.)

No, censorship begins with private or corporate media. Allowed by a government that claims they have no control over what the corporation does. While the corporations bribe the elected officials.

Then, after the media has attacked and limited any access for voices who disagree with the official narrative, whipped up public frenzied approval for censorship, that is when censorship becomes law. Enforced at the end of a gun. Imprisonment, torture, murder of journalists. Any dissenter is named a rebel, a trouble maker, a criminal. A terrorist.

No, I do not support Alex Jones. He is racist, violent and vile. But we MUST see beyond the rhetoric being propagated now. Because what comes after this is horrifying. Far more horrifying than anything he has said. What happens next will not be mere words of a madman.

Silence is complicity. Complicity is unacceptable.

“The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because there are evil people in it but because of good people who do nothing about it.”- Albert Einstein

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Issues unite, names divide

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