Chemtrails, A Critical Observation

Chemtrails. We have all heard and seen the claims that we are being poisoned by chemtrails, chemical agents sprayed from many thousands of jets traversing the country.

Let’s stop and think about this critically.

Before I go about debunking this, I am not claiming that this does not happen at all. I am well aware of the experiments of the past which have come to light. I know about MK Ultra, which was very real. I know the US, UK and other governments around the world have experimented with chemical and biological weapons on their own people. I know we are NOW being subjected to massive psychological warfare tactics via MSM and FB. If you read my writing, you KNOW I do not trust our government and I ABSOLUTELY do not trust corporations to do what is right, what is best for we, the people.

That said, no, the massive chemtrail conspiracy is not a thing. Not at the level so many try and portray, any way. People share images of chemtrails crossing the sky and shudder in fear that every single one of them is caused by chemicals being sprayed by commercial and government jets.

No, we are not being intentionally poisoned by jets. Some limited tests by people taking soil samples have shown certain chemicals and blamed it on chemtrails. First of all, the correct way to do such testing would be using samples taken from tarps set up to collect samples. Preferably on roof tops. That way you isolate new substances from substances resident to that area, spread by garbage and tracked by foot. BEST would be if those results were replicated multiple times over a wide area in the path of airline traffic. Then isolate anomalies from known products of combustion and substances in the topsoil that could be spread by wind. The anomalies would be the end result and therefore evidence. That would be the scientific method.

To say we are being poisoned intentionally ignores the fact that our life expectancy and quality of life into late age (aside from economic influences and drug abuse) is the highest it has ever been. People remain healthier and more active to a later stage of life than any time in known history. How long do you think human life is, naturally? Only a century ago reaching 60 was an accomplishment!

Do I agree we are poisoned by neglect and intent from corporate entities to maintain profit? Absolutely! Via pollution. Hate me all you like but the jury is still out for me regarding GMO’s and Glyphosate.

Do I think hydrocarbon emissions themselves raining down on our heads on a daily basis is a good thing? Absolutely not. I’m very much in favor of developing high speed rail systems.

Do I think we are being drugged into compliance and mind control? Drugs? No. We’re talking about a population that willingly watches the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC and Fox News! If you think Americans are not easily led by the nose by nature, you give people FAR more credit than they deserve!

Now, let’s get into the mechanics of this.

For that many aircraft to be intentionally spraying chemicals on the US population, the chain of people involved would reach into the tens of thousands.

You would have to have engineers to install sprayers on aircraft. Turbine engines would incinerate most chemicals or change their structure. If the chemicals could be delivered by turbine engines, the engines would have to be modified for that purpose. Again, involving thousands of engineers.

Next, you would have to have thousands more chemical plant workers producing mind altering or poisonous chemicals on a massive scale which would have limited industrial use.

If those chemicals were mixed with jet fuel, it would have to be in precise amounts, meaning you would have to have truck loads (drivers) of inappropriate chemicals delivered to fuel depositories and refineries. Then more engineers to mix those chemicals into the fuel.

Or you would have to have tanks filled with the chemicals, refilled at least daily and linked into the fuel system of the jets. More engineers. Pump trucks not related to fuel hooked up to jets on runways in full view of the public. Ground crews directly prone to exposure filling the tanks and many more aware of the existence of the tanks.

You would have to involve aircraft inspectors and mechanics who would overlook and falsify inspections.

Chances are pilots and stewardesses/stewards would have some awareness of what was happening.

In the event a jet crashed with such a system on board, you would have to involve recovery personnel including first responders, who would suffer concentrated exposure.

So, as you can see, the logistics of such a wide-ranging effort would involve many thousands of people, all of whom would have to be content with compensation or held under continuous personal threat should they expose the conspiracy. Many of those people are your neighbors. Neighbors who look you in the eye, knowing that not only are you being poisoned but THEY ARE AS WELL! So are their spouses, children and grandchildren. AND they would have to maintain that cover-up even after they retired or resigned. Plus if any of them resigned out of conscience, they would STILL be maintaining that cover-up!!

So, looking at this critically, can we PLEASE stop talking about the chemtrail conspiracy? It’s not a thing.

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Issues unite, names divide

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