Clinton, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Yates and others involved in the Trump dossier have been referred for criminal prosecution.

This happened Wednesday, 18 April 2018 when 11 GOP House Representatives sent a letter to AG Jeff Sessions requesting criminal charges be filed.

Now, several things to note. Referral does not mean charges have yet been formally filed. A referral is an advisory process. There is no guarantee charges will be filed. Especially against people as highly placed and well connected as those listed.

This may result in a MUCH longer process of further inquiry and ethics probes to determine of criminal charges should be considered. It’s doubtful that information already revealed will be used in present form, as the entire Mueller probe has been completely focused in one direction. So the whole thing would begin again from square one in a cycle which seems will never end.

No, I am not in favor of Trump. Don’t start that. Nor do I endorse Jeff Sessions. I find Sessions to be Gollum to Trump’s Sauron. Yes, Sessions looks like Gollum to me. That’s just a personal take.

It really does not matter which side of the aisle you stand on, this is a positive development. The revelation and examination of our “intelligence” and “justice” organizations is something which needs to happen at numerous levels. For years, these organizations have manipulated the workings of our government, ruling from the inside.

They are a small part of what is called the Deep State or Permanent State. Many names have been applied to this construct but it all comes down to the same thing. It is a construct which directs the workings of our government from the shadows. They cannot be impeached. They favor the rich and powerful but only inasmuch as the rich and powerful can be controlled to do their bidding.

That bidding is what leads us to favor WAR Street, leads us to war, censorship, environmental destruction and more which oppresses the many, enriches the few and kills by the millions. This construct has no respect for life in any form save their own. To them, you are disposable.

Another part of the Deep State construct is MSM “news”. Notice they have not even mentioned this referral as yet. They are still working on devising some form of spin on it, trying to weaponize it to their own ends.

The greatest irony is that this would not be happening at all if Clinton had been elected. The actions of those involved would have been rewarded, never revealed, never spoken of again by the media. The validity of the dossier would never have been considered, only the allegations included.

This would not be happening if Mueller had not been assigned as special counsel. His focus on the dossier kept the dossier in the spotlight and incited questions. Not that Mueller sought to ask those questions, such as the “lost” text messages by top FBI officials. Those questions and answers were brought by others and then could not be ignored. Many have been screaming that Trump is going to fire Mueller. That claim began the moment Mueller was appointed in 2017. At no point has Trump stated he would fire Mueller. It is merely a diversion, a continuous threat, an allegation with no basis. In March 2018, Mueller said Trump is not under criminal investigation. No matter how you feel about it, Mueller’s authority only extends to investigating Russia “interfering” in the 2016 election. Yet he has gone beyond that authority on many occasions.

It was on Mueller’s referral that Trump’s lawyer’s records were seized. The biggest claims involved there have to do with Stormy Daniels. Where that is concerned, IF she is telling the truth (which she may well be), it has nothing to do with Russia, which is why Mueller did not take direct action. Any claims that it has to do with Russia fall flat. If her claims are true, then what happened was unethical and immoral. Illegal? Yes. In some states a misdemeanor resulting in a fine. However, it was also clearly consensual, agreed to by both Trump and Daniels. It was not rape or coercion. She got paid, he got laid. As far as Trump’s wife, sorry, she knew what she was marrying into.

Would those allegations be an impeachable offense? Yes. Because impeachment is NOT based on legality, it is based on politics. Trump could have been impeached before now if he had managed to anger the right people enough. The legality is only a show, an attempt to quantify and make it appear more legitimate.

As far as the criminal referral, I honestly do not expect it to go forward. However, should it actually do so, I expect it to be the tip of the iceberg leading to much larger investigations and revelations. Most of us Progressives know it will likely lead to Uranium One at long last. (Which is also under separate Congressional investigation.) All the above may well lead to the criminal indictment of Obama.

In any case, I expect this to not end Russiagate yet but definitely cool the fires.

It will be interesting to see where this goes from here, to say the least. Sessions will be FORCED to do something with this. If he does not, he will anger the GOP electorate. Trump ran a platform which included “lock her up”, which at least half the populace (right AND true left) heartily endorsed. To not act on this in SOME way will anger many people, possibly to the point of mass riots. His actions may not be immediate criminal charges but SOME action will now be mandatory.

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Issues unite, names divide

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