I loved a comment by Mark Slaboda on RT. “The Cold War gave us 50 years of peace.”

I never thought of it in those terms but very true.

However, now the US is engaged in hot wars in a number of countries. While in a Cold War with most of the rest of the planet. This has culminated or been brought to visibility by Trump but that’s why the media hates him. He’s obliviously obvious. He shows their hand. He calls the media his enemy yet they report on virtually nothing but him. They’re good for him, he’s good for them.

Americans don’t want a less controversial president. They want drama. They want to be offended.

Meanwhile those offended by Trump cannot tell you how long we have been sanctioning other countries. Nor how sanctions work. In what ways those sanctions affect our own economy. Oblivious.

When you look at it, most of the planet is currently at peace other than the Middle East. There are strong internal tensions in most countries but cross-border or ideological wars? Not really.

When have we not had social and economic unrest? Bigger question, who drives it? Capitalists is the easiest way to put it. It all runs back to someone making money nearly all the time.

China and Russia are engaged in trade competition, in other words, capitalism. They are successful at it and that makes them a threat. Other than Syria, neither is threatening another country militarily. They are creating supply chains that go through multiple countries in each case. Russia with Nordstream 2 and various other logistic projects. China has the One Belt, One Road Initiative, which involves most of the Eastern world in some way. Those projects take diplomacy. They cannot be conceived with military conflict. In other words, they must be at peace for their projects to succeed.

Meanwhile the US acts like and organized crime syndicate, offering other countries “protection” while actively creating a threat.

Who’s getting paid?

There is no precedent for a country having a “defense” budget like the US right now while allegedly not at war. In fact, there is no precedent for any country to have ever spent so much on warfare while not at war.

We sure spend a lot of money and drop a lot of bombs for a country not at war. Enough people sure die at our hands for a country not at war. How’s that for diplomacy and making friends?

So we can dispense with the notion that a Cold War involves only us and Russia. It’s much bigger than that when you define conventional warfare, not just nuclear warfare as a criteria. When you consider economic warfare as criteria for acts of war. Sanctions are acts of war. They injure our alleged allies. This is a Cold War and it involves nearly all countries, directly or indirectly.

The US government does not seek allies. They seek accomplices. Nothing more.

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Issues unite, names divide

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