Conservatives Are Right, The Left Is Hateful

Keep the knee jerk reactions in check.

Conservatives say the left is hateful. The honest truth is that in many respects they are correct. I am not only speaking of neoliberals on this. I am talking the actual left.

In 2016, I and many others pointed out that Hillary really had no campaign and no policies other than “I’m not Trump”, warmongering and attacking/division regarding anyone who did not bow down to her self-imposed “royalty”. To this very day, I challenge those who supported her to name any policy of hers she promoted and they cannot name anything except “more of the same”. Even though the 2016 election cycle was all about change.

It is absolutely counter-productive to call those on the right “deplorable” or accuse every single person who voted for Trump a racist. There’s no truth to it. Polls and actual discussions in 2016 illustrated that roughly half the people who voted for Trump did not support Trump. They feared Hillary, for good reason. Those who feared her could name the reasons why. Those who supported her could not name why they supported her. By the same token, many who voted for her did not support her, they feared Trump. Also for good reason.

While most of his policies were and are horrible and damaging, Trump has and still does send specific messages in his rhetoric- national pride and hope. Both on false premises but many people feed far more on rhetoric than reality. Both left and right opposed Obama’s TPP, which basically all agreed as written was a potential time bomb. Yet Hillary was expected to push it through. Trump said he would veto it and he did. Trump said he would end regime change wars. His claims have proven false but he has made token efforts he can point to enough to say he tried. Hillary was clearly and undeniably pushing for more wars. In the end, a trade war may suck but it’s better than a hot war with Russia and China. What will happen with Iran remains to be seen.

We have to consider not what we oppose but what we support. Impeachment hearings and investigation after investigation which divert attention from solutions to problems is not an answer. Yet that is what the Establishment Democrats have solely focused on since Trump received the GOP nomination. If one impeachment or investigation effort fails, it is immediately replaced with four more. Meanwhile, actual discussion of policies which improve things for real human beings is consistently responded to with “But Trump”.

No options given. As the efforts at impeachment and investigations continue, what we lose is any discussion of what options are available regarding policies. The only thing being determined by nearly anyone is who can beat Trump. Meanwhile each failed effort makes Trump appear vindicated and his supporters feel more justified in their distrust of the neoliberal Establishment. The Deep State has shown that they will stop at absolutely nothing to maintain and tighten their stranglehold on power. While Establishment Democrats have shown absolute support for that control, with “intelligence” veterans representing 25% of the 2018 Democratic nominees for office. With “intelligence” veterans being interviewed regularly on neoliberal MSM regarding foreign relations and domestic security.

A system of hate. So, what we are facing is a system built on hatred with no options for abating that condition. Right or left doesn’t matter when both behave the same way. Hate Trump, hate Tulsi, hate Republicans, hate Democrats, hate all parties, hate Russia, hate China, hate Venezuela, hate North Korea, hate third parties, hate the rich, hate the poor, hate taxes, hate capitalists, hate Socialists, hate Wall Street, hate war, hate ending wars, hate guns, hate anyone suggesting gun controls…

Unsustainable. This level of hate and division is unsustainable. It is tearing the left and this nation to shreds. It negates all chance at civil discourse, all effort at rational debate, all thought of unification regarding any subject. The far right has always had a habit of being arrogant and judgmental. The left has at least made an effort at some level of communication and critical thought. This is no longer the case. When we focus on “winning” with no clear image of what that means, nobody wins anything. When the alleged left is using terms like “deplorables”, nobody wins anything. When accusations mean more than objective fact, nobody wins anything. When whomever lobs the best insults is the most popular, nobody wins anything. When support for your candidate means posting offensive memes against anyone else, nobody wins anything. This is not an effort at winning, this is a contest to make sure “the other side” loses and nothing else. When no questions, no doubts can be raised about a specific candidate or risks of war with nuclear powers and the genocide of certain people are found to be acceptable, you have to explain to me what you have “won” because I’m not seeing it. To me, under these conditions, you merely insure that the greatest hatred wins. Not the greater good.

In all cases, you have to give me, give yourself something more than “Only my candidate can beat Trump”. If I bring up an analysis of foreign policies or election integrity and you divert to another topic, refuse to discuss the issue, start using insults instead of some form of rational thought you are not giving me anything.

If we are not part of the solution then we, ourselves, are the problem. Meaning only we can fix it. We will not do that with hate or emotional fixation.

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Issues unite, names divide

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