DHL Starts Drone Delivery Service.. In China

DHL, a German courier service, has started a delivery service via drone in China.

The US likes to portray China as being behind us technologically. However, China is rapidly expanding the development and utilization of new technologies far ahead of the US. From expansion of green energy to drone technology to 5G.

They are doing much of this in partnership with other Asian countries and European countries. Such as, in this case, a German company.

Any American should ask why DHL, which operates in the US as well, made the business decision to first utilize dron etechnology in China.

Amazon and other American companies have discussed the use of drones for local deliveries for several years now. However, as yet we have not seen any wide scale use of drones for that purpose.

One big reason for this is fear. Good old American paranoia. We are sold terror by our media on minute to minute basis. I’ve written about this a LOT of times. If Americans started seeing drones in our neighborhoods, they would be so scared some would have cardiac events. Others would reach for firearms. Others would be posting that the government is coming for them while still others would be certain we had just been invaded by a foreign power.

That fear is what has allowed other countries to be pushing ahead of us in technology. Genetic engineering being a good example. All major developments in genetic engineering since GWB have taken place in other countries, with the US bringing up the rear. A vaccine for lung cancer? Developed in Cuba.

This is a natural result of chronic paranoia. A person/people who are continuously afraid close their doors, windows and minds, don’t answer the phone, don’t listen to anyone that isn’t telling them to be terrified. Here, buy another gun, take another pill, don’t look out the window, keep the house locked, don’t talk to strangers.. and stay tuned to this channel so we can tell you what else to be terrified of.

In some cases, there is absolutely something to be afraid of. In this case, what you should fear is how many jobs would be eliminated by drone delivery services. Because that number reaches tens or hundreds of thousands. The advantage China has is that they already have a much more extensive social support structure in place, along with a far more stable and expanding economy.

Though it is not just fear which limits our adoption of new technologies. It is domestic competition of competing, less efficient technologies. Such as the fact that Ford is developing a robot to deal with the “last 50 feet” problem with atonomous vehicle deliveries. So if you have a delivery which comes by self-driving vehicle, the item would be delivered to your door by a robot. The robot has a weight capacity of 40 lbs, so most items it would deliver could also be delivered by drone. Mail, pizza, small packages and such.

However, the development of autonomous vehicles also allows for the elimination of millions of jobs in other industries. Cabs, buses, trucks, etc.

To eliminate that many jobs as an actual goal in a country whose government is actively working to destroy the social support net should give the most fervent right-wingers pause to question.

What are you afraid of? Because if it’s not the loss of millions of jobs and our country falling even further behind other countries in all ways, you’re afraid of the wrong thing.

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