The DNC continues it’s downward spiral.

The 2018 midterms are in November, only 6 ½ months from now. So what is the DNC up to?

Are they creating a new platform, which has not even existed for many years? No.

Are they trying to convince voters of policies they back or have created which benefit the voters, the economy, increase wages or support diplomacy over warfare? No.

Are they taking steps to separate themselves from corporate donors and corporate welfare? No.

Are they taking steps to open primaries to Independent voters? No.

The most Progressive thing the Democrats are doing at this point is backing a bill by Schumer to remove Cannabis from the list of Class I controlled substances by the federal government. That bill does not make it legal to possess or grow. It does not make it as legal as alcohol. This bill is welcome but comes really late in the game, as 30 states have already legalized it in some form, at least for medical use.

Pay close attention to the steps they will take and are already planning subsequent to this bill. Look at states which have legalized it in some form. It has less benefit to consumers than it does to corporate entities. Giant corporate growers. The form of legalization will place cannabis firmly in the control of more giant corporate growers, processors and big pharma. The biggest benefit will likely be that you do not wind up in federal prison for possession. You can bet that you will still wind up in federal prison for growing your own or selling without a government-mandated license. You can bet that state taxes on cannabis will be as high as it is on tobacco, if not higher.

Sorry for the tangent. Back to the subject.

What are the priorities of the DNC today?

Right now they are focusing on raising more money from their corporate donors. It is well known that they are suffering financially, barely able to pay their bills and are raising only a fraction of the amount the GOP is able to.

Recently they filed to sue Trump, Wikileaks and Russia (Yes, they are suing Russia.). Basically claiming that any information released to the public about the DNC was illegal. Never mind that the allegations against Russia have never been proven. Never mind that the emails released by Wikileaks were accurate. Never mind that they have absolutely no case against Trump for running a campaign.

The most obvious points of their lawsuit are:

How are they going to pay for it? Where will the money for the lawyers come from? The answers are clear. They will divert donations from private individuals meant for campaigns and use it for their in-house lawyers and line their own pockets. Meanwhile further bankrupting the DNC itself. And they will beg for corporate donations. Then they will attempt to have the federal government pay for the entire lawsuits, so you and I pay for it. Even though the DNC is a PRIVATE entity, not government. Something they themselves have pointed out in the past.

Most obvious is what Trump said. That his campaign will subpoena the DNC servers. Something which has not been done throughout all of Russiagate. Three “investigations” (House, Senate and special counsel) have never subpoenaed their servers. The FBI has never examined their servers.

Couple this with the referral for criminal indictment lobbied by 11 GOP Representatives on 18 April and do the math. Do you think that one will not result in the DNC spending a LOT of time in court?

Of course, the whole reason they are doing this is optics. They think they will get a lot of media coverage and present themselves as victims. Of course, neoliberal media will comply. Yet the DNC seems blind to the fact that corporate media will use this as a means to gain viewers and profits, while not financially supporting the DNC. When the DNC goes bankrupt in the near future, the corporate media will also profit from reporting on that too.

Think of the DNC as a business. They must have a product to sell. Their product is supposed to be the policies which benefit their consumers, the voters.

Instead, what they are doing is a model of the dotcom bust. They focus on their backers, making huge promises and asking for more and more money to continue development of vaguely defined concepts. During the dotcom era, investors sank huge sums of money into those vague concepts. Eventually, the bust came when those investors demanded a return and consumers walked away with knowledge that there was nothing worth buying. They try to sell us on personalities, faces which have never accomplished anything besides their own celebrity.

The dotcom can try to sue competitors for competition, real or imagined, for offering similar products or for pointing out that the dotcom has no product. Even if the lawsuit happens to be successful, the consumers and investors have not been satisfied. There is still no profit for investors, no product for consumers to buy.

So pop your popcorn, watch the show on YouTube and save your money. This is a B grade disaster flick in the making. As far as I am concerned, the script and the actors all suck. Bad part is we get to pay for the production, like it or not.

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Issues unite, names divide

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