In my next couple of videos, I am going to be proposing ideas which I genuinely hope to turn into a massive grassroots movement. Perhaps two.

I wanted to give an introduction prior to those videos because of the statement I am about to make. I did not want to include this statement in those videos because I want to dedicate those to the ideas, themselves.

If these ideas take off rapidly, there is less likelihood of major consequence to me personally. However, if they take off slowly, the very concepts being proposed stand the possibility of having me declared an enemy of the state and financial industry for the rest of my life.

I know that sounds like arrogance or like I have delusions of grandeur. In another time and place, I would view my statements in the same way if they came from another person.

Unfortunately, we live in a time and place where the state, financial industry and corporate structure is truly oppressive and we see our rights being ripped from our grasp on a daily basis.

Our access to information is increasingly censored by the corporate structure which has been intended to desensitize the population to what came recently, which is an attempt by the US government itself to have some major media venues removed from access by millions of Americans. You do not have to agree with the sources or like them at all to realize the dangers this poses to our rights. There is absolutely nothing about this which one can consider freedom.

I have pointed out many times that if you do not agree with a source, you have the right to respond, debate, protest or change the channel, block that source, not listen. Their rights remain intact to speak, your rights remain intact to not agree, not listen. In the future, that means your right to speak remains intact.

Sadly, many Americans have readily and energetically endorsed and supported the expansion of censorship. They refuse to see the dangers involved even now. Though they always view it as the voice of “the other” being silenced. For now. They seem completely incapable of realizing that tomorrow the voice being silenced will be a voice they agree with or even their own personal voice.

Currently the sources most visibly facing censorship are right wing sources such as Fox News and Newsmax. Entire platforms have been taken down like the Parler app. From the neoliberal side like CNN and MSNBC, these are openly cheered for, while from the right these actions are rightly vilified.

Far more insidiously and silently, far left sources are being demonetized and removed entirely. Anti-war and anti-corporate voices. These are not radical sources, few if any advocate any form of violence and are generally quite against violence. This gets no coverage from centrist or Conservative media by sheer virtue of the fact that these sources do openly oppose the MIC and corporate power. To date, I have not heard a single sitting member of Congress oppose the censorship of these sources. Advertisers and corporate campaign donors would withdraw support if it were mentioned.

So it is absolutely no stretch of the imagination to think that the messages I am releasing may be censored, deleted and perhaps my entire platform removed permanently. Considering the fact that the movements I propose, if popularized, would change the entire financial structure of this country and stabilize that structure, I fully expect considerable repercussions to come from it.

While the ideas I am proposing would result in radical change, there is nothing radically inherent in the ideas themselves. What is radical is wealth inequality, inadequate access to healthcare, millions being food insecure, crushing debt for basic needs, mass evictions, a student debt system leaving millions bankrupt while putting our own country at a disadvantage and endless wars, widespread anxiety, depression, suicide and social unrest, all for the profits of a dwindling few.

Because it would stand the possibility of such major change to the existing system, this is what poses the possibility of having me declared an enemy of the state, a definite enemy of the financial system and possibly declared a terrorist by our own government. This may sound excessive but I ask you to also consider the time and place in which we exist.

I know the risks involved and take them willingly because I know what the far greater risk is in remaining silent. That does not mean I will not attempt to mitigate these risks. To that effect, I will be posing challenges to multiple Progressive sources to join me in spreading these ideas. I am also asking all Progressives in general to help spread these ideas among all social media and real life social circles they may take part in. The faster these things become movements, the harder they will be to neutralize.

Please keep an eye out for the next two videos.

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