This week, the European Union rejected the application of Ukraine to become a member of the EU. This is not the first time their application has been rejected.

One reason for the rejection involves the current disruption destabilizing the EU itself, calling into question whether the EU is worth admitting new members when the European (Economic) Union may not survive much longer.

The other reason is that Ukraine is economically and politically unstable. To admit Ukraine into the EU would mean taking on what would basically be a welfare state at a time when multiple EU states are struggling to remain cohesive.

For over a year, France has been ravaged by the Yellow Vest protests. Italy is in depression. The UK is still battling through Brexit. Greece is still under austerity measures. Now would not be the time for the EU to take on foster children.

On doing a web search, it would appear that none of this has been reported by western corporate media. However, the main reason this is unlikely to be reported in western media was another instruction to Ukraine- That Ukraine must negotiate through their problems with Russia.

At one point in time, all of the Natural Gas exported by Russia went through Ukraine. This gave Ukraine an economic advantage, as they collected fees on all that NG flowing through their country. However, that was not enough and they were found to have literally stolen mass amounts of NG from the pipelines. There was a lawsuit regarding the amount owed by Ukraine to Russia, which Ukraine lost. Since 2014, Russia has been trying to convince Ukraine to honor the Minsk Agreement reached in 2014 and then revised in Minsk II in 2015.

Because of the disagreements and conflicts between the countries, Russia has since built two new pipelines, one through Turkey and another, Nordstream 2, which runs under the Baltic Sea to Germany. In other words, both pipelines bypass Ukraine completely, eliminating any fees gained by Ukraine from NG flowing through their country.

This makes sense. Ukraine makes continuous movements and statements portraying Russia as an enemy, so why would Russia help them profit? Even if Ukraine eventually comes to the bargaining table, could they be trusted? For how long?

The EU is not going to stand on the side of Ukraine or the US on the pipeline issues. Both Ukraine and the US oppose the Russian pipelines, especially Nordstream 2 because both stand to directly profit by blocking the flow of Russian gas. Meanwhile, the EU pays the increased cost which goes to US/Ukraine profits, European investors have placed large amounts of money into the Russian pipelines and the entire issue increases tensions with Russia, while all of Europe is directly adjacent to Russia.

This all comes at a time when the US is spending less on NATO, placing pressure on European NATO members to spend more on increased militarization while rejecting all attempts at diplomacy. So, Europe is being expected to spend more on US gas/oil while simultaneously spending money buying US weapons to defend against a neighboring country with some of the most advanced weaponry in history. While dealing with an influx of immigrants from the Middle East, refugees created by US “interventions” and struggling with economic and social disruptions tearing the EU apart.

The most ironic part is that the rhetoric is used to claim Trump is helping Russia, even as he is trying to block the Russian pipelines and sell US gas and weapons to Europe. Not to mention selling US weapons to Ukraine, which even Obama would not do. (You can find reference to that in the Ukraine call transcipt.) He has also threatened European allies with sanctions if they disobey US sanctions on Russian oil and gas.

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