Facebook Buys Startup Developing Device To Read your Nerve Impulses.. Very Bad

Facebook just spent a very large sum of money buying a startup which will read your peripheral nerve impulses and turn them into physical actions via wireless interface.

Now I am truly excited about this at one level. In fact multiple levels. Though I know what negatives to expect.

This will ultimately give mobility to those with paralysis at some level, possibly to those with missing limbs. It will also have tremendous use in hazardous occupations such as nuclear engineers and bomb squads.

This will absolutely gather and collect information which will be sent back to Facebook. Information which gives even greater understanding of the nervous system, which will be both good and very bad.

The good is that it will give information which helps advance neuroscience. It may allow for the construction of an actual artificial nervous system or parts of one. Which may give or restore sensation, sight and mobility to patients with neurological damage or hereditary disorders.

The bad is that it can allow for the development of an artificial nervous system. Coupled with AI, this becomes a potential for extremely deadly autonomous weapons. In other words, actual androids. Whom do you think would pay the most money to develop the first androids? The military. For what purpose? To kill.

Yet that is not even the most terrifying part. Understanding how to READ the nervous system, in the future possibly even your direct thoughts will lead to understanding how to CONTROL your thoughts.

If you have any belief that this is not the goal of FB, I have no hope for you.

FB has been studying how to control you since it’s inception. But that’s true of the entire marketing industry. And the corporate “news” industry. You are being studied right now.

Most people are easily controlled. They see an ad somewhere and have to have the item. Or idea. News, TV shows, movies are just advertising for how they want you to think. The majority of the corporate media puppets in the audience never question anything, they just keep dancing on their strings.

FB has shown clearly that they have no respect for your personal privacy. They also have no respect for your opinion, your very thoughts, unless they agree with those thoughts and opinions. Otherwise, they have no conflict in deleting content, pages, profiles, groups. So, if they have no respect for your privacy, thoughts and opinions, why would they stop at literally controlling you? Do you seriously believe that the CIA would not be a part of this or that they are not already?

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