Many Americans keep talking about avoiding fascism while endorsing the very tenets of fascism in this country.

We are already living in a fascist state. We have been for years and it is getting stronger, with our own citizens cheering it on day by day. Unaware of what fascism is, what defines it or how it comes about.

My recent article about the draft drew responses from people claiming that we will protest and refuse to go along with it. Keep in mind, there were many who protested against Korea and Vietnam. How did that work out for the protesters?

As stated, fascism has existed and continued growing in this country for years. It did not begin with Trump, nor would it end if we ejected him. The point of fascism is a government gaining complete control over the populace by any and all means possible. Most often, with a large percentage of the populace in agreement because they have been convinced that giving up freedom is the only way to be free. They are propagandized and driven by fear and paranoia. Blind to the growing inside threat or actively taking part in the very system which oppresses them. These things must be viewed as a whole, not individual pieces. They are not separate, they are part of a comprehensive agenda.

Consider the steps which have been taken to prepare for militia rule. Our police have been militarized in equipment and training. Trained to kill rather than keep peace and enforce laws. To react with fear rather than restraint. They have armored vehicles, ballistic vests, riot gear, body armor, the means to track citizens via cell phone, GPS units in newer vehicles, traffic cams, grenade launchers (tear gas launchers can launch fragmentation devices as well).

Police and the military use nearly identical training for close quarters urban combat.

We have the largest prison capacity of any nation in history, along with the largest prison population in history. Meanwhile we have over 600 domestic military bases (that we KNOW of).

One can consider the fact that Ferguson and DAPL were dry runs for something much larger. Police personnel from all over the country were sent to ND to respond to the DAPL protests, which involved Native Americans protesting water rights against a corporation. Our government responded by supporting the corporation while you paid for that effort to oppress people fighting for clean water.

We have unarmed people shot down in the streets (mostly minorities) and the protests get smaller rather than larger.

One aspect of the actions against illegal immigrants goes unnoticed. Those who are not documented are harder to track and may have their own system in place which could help others in the event of national disturbance. So they must be removed at all cost.

We have the most expensive and geographically extended military on earth in all history, while our population only equals about 5% of the world’s population. When you add up all related expenses, we spend more on our military than all the other countries on earth COMBINED.

We are monitored virtually every minute of the day and night by our government and multiple major corporations using computers, tablets, cell phones, smart TV’s, cable boxes, video game consoles, our vehicles, traffic cams, security cams, credit/debit cards and on and on. Of course, the craziest part is that we pay for them to spy on us while they take our freedom and our privacy away.

While many suspected beforehand, 2016 and the time since has confirmed that our elections are not secure and can be manipulated. Not by outside forces but by those inside the system working against the American public.
We have a migration of wealth from the bottom to the top. To illustrate this, in the most recent stock market downturn (No, it is not a crash YET), several individuals lost over $1 billion each yet it was nothing more than an annoyance to them. It did not bankrupt them by any means. The most recent stock market events were caused by announcements of wage increases and increased employment. That information means the rich are paying more than they want to in wages. We can expect a correction to that very soon as jobs are eliminated and pay decreases.

We have rising corporate supremacy while workers lose more rights to negotiate every day. Unions are broken and attempts made to outlaw them indirectly.

We have censorship made legal when Obama signed it into law in December 2016. With this, he also authorized the creation of a “Ministry of Truth”. Any foreign news sources that oppose the mainstream narrative have been forced to register as foreign agents. Search engines and social media have the right to censor what YOU read, talk about and share if they disapprove.

Net Neutrality was thrown out, handing the right to corporations to censor what you are able to access. Or continue charging additional fees until only the wealthy can afford to access information as opposed to propaganda.

We are continuously led to view anyone with different views as opponents and enemies. Not only other countries but each other. The point is to continue and expand division, shut down any and all communication which may result in understanding and agreement which takes away from the power of those at the top.

We are led to think only of sexism as one gender against another. It takes on a different dimension when we view sexism as a division between genders or sexual orientations. It is merely another means of separating, causing disruption. Are there attempts at oppression? Absolutely and it is not acceptable. However, witch hunts and absolute mentalities are not the answer. Accountability, communication, understanding and coordination are the answers.

Racism existing in this country goes without saying. It has been here but has grown in power in recent years. So has religious prejudice, with some claiming to be on the left endorsing it.

We have growing nationalism with calls to pull away from global trade at a time when other countries are reaching expanding trade agreements that span the planet. The result is increasing domestic prices. The expected result is loss of economic power in other countries but that’s not happening simply because those countries have embraced trade with each other.

The dollar is decreasing in value compared to other currencies, which will cause inflation in the near future as it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of goods from other countries. When that happens, we will be able to buy less and experience a ripple effect causing job losses on a massive scale.

This list could go on and on. Just accept the fact that when we are seeing more and more conditions which benefit the few, the powerful that we are living in fascism. Many think of fascism as all power in the hands of one person, which is not accurate. That one person is a figurehead supported by an entire system of other powerful people and organizations that benefit from that system. It is a contraction of all power into a very small group. They control money, media, information, employment, resources, communication, social structures, weapons, medical care, laws, incarceration, even life itself.

It is time to wake up and recognize this for what it is.

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Issues unite, names divide

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