As a Progressive, I meet with constant confrontation from those who claim to be Progressive for the fact that I do not support Biden. I also look objectively at all issues, including Trump’s actions.

First of all, I will state that just because I do not support Biden does not in any way mean I support Trump. Trump’s behavior is disgusting, his actions reprehensible and heartless. I see him for the narcissist, opportunist and deranged person he is. No, he is not a patriot to this country in any way. He is a patriot to himself.

On the other hand, I really wish he were a Progressive. In spite of his behavior, I can honestly say that if he were a Progressive, we would have no doubt that he would fight for, bully and manipulate conditions to provide wealth equality and medical care for all Americans while ending the wars we are in, facing down the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street. He has the kind of aggression that the true left needs in our favor.

Unfortunately, that is not to be. As long as the neoliberals hold complete sway over the Democratic Party and we only have two options, we will never be allowed to have an option to elect someone who will fight in our favor. Just more Conservatives wearing blue clothing.

Which means we, as a society, have to push for more options than two parties as options. I’ve said many times that one option is a mandate, two options are an ultimatum. It takes at least three options to be offered an actual choice. If we continue allowing the two party system to control how many options we have, we will never have more than an ultimatum, at best.

For the general election in 2016 and after, I was called a sexist, a racist, anti-American, a Russian asset and worse because I refused to support or vote for Hillary. The sexist part was the most laughable because I voted for Jill Stein, a woman. After the election I was told that Trump won because of the way I voted, so it was “(my) fault”.

Now I am facing the same rhetoric all over again with Biden.

Let me make this clear: My vote is not given. It must be earned. It is up to a candidate to convince me why they should have my vote. Elected officials are not leaders, they are employees. The election cycle is nothing more than an extended job interview and we each have to decide who we want working for us. So they have to impress me, tell me what they can bring to the country as an employee. If nothing they have to say meets that criteria, I move on to the next applicant.

Such is the case with Trump and Biden. Neither impresses me. Neither shows me any quality which indicates they can do more good than harm for this country.

The Fauxgressives who try and tell me that I have no choice but to vote Biden because, “But Trump” have paid no attention to Biden’s record. They pay no attention to his policies.

I issued the challenge thousands of times (literally) to Hillary supporters- name one POLICY of hers they supported. I made it specific that, “I’m not Trump” is NOT a policy. With NO exceptions, they failed. They had no idea what her policy proposals were.

Now I am issuing the same challenge to Biden supporters. With the same result.

I said we need someone willing and able to fight for us. Someone brave and bombastic enough to stand up to our perceived enemies, be that an opposing foreign leader who becomes a threat, Wall Street, the MIC, an opposing party or their own opponent. Biden has shown clearly he is not that fighter. He sits in his basement, never coming out. Is that where he would “lead” the country from? His basement?

At this point, it seems unlikely there will be even one presidential debate. Biden’s advisers seem to be telling him that he should not debate, supposedly because “Trump will just lie”. Really? Wouldn’t that be the perfect opportunity to expose the lies for what they are?

Some are making excuses that Biden is protecting himself from the pandemic. How is that supposed to gain the respect of the millions of essential workers like myself who must face the threat of infection on a daily basis? While our children face being sent back to school for the sake of forcing their parents back to work for corporate profits? On this, Trump has faced the threat of the pandemic openly. While I consider it reckless and irresponsible for the way he has done so and his rhetoric while doing it, his followers view it as being braver and tougher than Biden, who has not emerged for months.

If people were to recall, Hillary did not hold a single press conference where she was asked candid questions for at least 15 months or longer during her campaign. Every one of her interviews were scripted and each question had to be pre-approved by her campaign in advance. As of now, Biden held his first interview (electronically) this past week and asked the journalist if he were on drugs. To date, he has not held a press conference. With only 3 months remaining until the election. If he will not come out of hiding for a debate, which could also be done electronically, what are the odds he is going to hold a press conference before election day?

So, both Trump and Biden, when faced with any question or statement which can be considered remotely critical, respond aggressively in a juvenile manner, generally not answering the question at all. Instead, they attack the questioner personally.

Meanwhile Biden, running for the most powerful position in the world, refuses to emerge from hiding in his basement and confront reporters, the other party or his opponent.

I call that cowardice. I consider the people trying to force him down my throat to be driven by fear, willing to surrender to the same system which gave rise to Trump, even the same ideology which immediately preceded Trump.

I am not going to vote based on fear and insults directed at me as a person. I have to be voting FOR something. If others are going to call themselves Progressives, Revolutionaries, etc and then advance the idea of electing a basement-dwelling coward with no bravery or strength, they show themselves to be nothing they claim to be.

Others can hide in their basements. I cannot. I will not. I will fight tooth and nail for what I find to be the right path for this country. I will be part of breaking the two party oligarchic imperialism which has been destroying this country from the inside out for decades, ruining lives, waging war, murdering and torturing millions. There is nothing in my conscience which will allow me to consciously enable and endorse these actions.

In other words, if others choose to surrender, that is their choice. Stop trying to recruit others like me to join you in your cowardice. Face yourselves in the mirror and admit who and what you are.

For the rest of us, we realize that if we want a better country, a better world for all of us, it is something we must be willing for fight for. That fight does not include retreating into a basement, allowing others to demoralize us into the same state of surrender. If we do not fight now, then when? How much more do we lose? How much more loss do we force on the citizens of other countries? How many more of our own citizens must suffer and die? When does this become YOUR fight? When will you realize you have built your own prison, with walls too high to see over, too dense to hear anything but your own echo and you have run out of space to move? Yet the door is in front of you, the key is in your hand.

For me, I have already come to the full recognition of the fact that it does not matter whether Trump or Biden win. At some point I will be silenced. My words and videos will be erased. Militarized government agents will force their way in my door and I will be taken away with no charges and I will likely never be heard from again. That’s not sensationalistic thinking, it’s where this country is going and I truly believe that. Until that day, I refuse to be silent, refuse to bow down, refuse to give in. I understand those who cannot face that fear. I’m just not one of them.

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Issues unite, names divide

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