First, no Biden does not care. Look at the corporatist, lobbyist, military contractor cabinet he is assembling.

All he will do is smile while burning it all down.

Yes, Trump is horrible. No argument. Yet the only reason the media and many people have objected to him is that he has put an ugly face on our ugly system.

This collapse began decades ago and has been building to this point. With each recession, the economy has not recovered but declined further, with the flow of wealth going to the top. Internet bubble? No recovery before.. The Housing and Financial Services Crash of 2008. We have not recovered from that, with living wages declining ever since. Now we have this.

It is WAY too easy to put all the blame on Trump. It was under Obama/Biden that the banks were bailed out while millions were evicted, big banks got bigger, Health insurance premiums skyrocketed, deductibles never stopped increasing, we went from bombing 2 countries to 7, placed US ships in the South China Sea (Pivot To Asia) and our forces built up within meters of the Russian border.

Now Biden says he would veto universal healthcare if it passed Congress. Is that caring? He wanted a bigger defense budget and got it. Is that caring? He is trying to install an actual Raytheon board member in his cabinet. Is that caring?

Give me a damn break. After January 20th, I never want to hear Trump's name again. Stop making excuses. None of us can even hope to force future change if all you want to do is whine about the past. You're enabling doing nothing by already making excuses for the ones who we have to force into action.

Stop it. Start asking yourself what good you words will do.

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Issues unite, names divide

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