Focus On Right This Minute

We keep seeing promotions of various candidates and postulations about who will be the front runner in 2020.

Who the hell cares? Few people had heard of Bernie before early 2016. Few had heard of Obama before early 2008. Few heard of GWB before early 2000 and most of us that had heard of him wished we had not. Most never heard of Bill Clinton before early 1992 unless they had been a victim of his sexual predation.

Are you seeing this trend? Are you getting my point?

Let me word it differently. Focus on 2020 in 2020!!!

This garbage of attempting to start the 2020 election a full year+ in advance is nothing but the cults vying for your servitude. Especially the attempts by the DNC. Who is going to be their chosen high priest? In the end, who gets chosen is as much up to you as the next Pope. We know this. That went beyond any question with what has been proven about the 2016 DNC nomination. The DNC nominee was chosen before the primaries ever began, then all control of the DNC was handed to their “chosen one”. Why would you think that 2020 will be any different?!!

Paying attention to the various potential candidates now is merely a distraction. Get your fucking head in the game. The key word is focus.

I don’t know how many times I have to keep repeating this. All names are cults. Trump, Hillary, Bernie, Tulsi, RNC, DNC… If you are cheering for the cult and willing to ignore the atrocities committed or promoted by that cult, you are no different from any member of any other cult. “If you don’t stick to your values when they are being tested, they’re not values. They’re hobbies.”- Jon Stewart.

In 2008 people cheered for Obama, claiming he was some god of “hope and change”. How did that work out for you? In 2016, we heard claims that Hillary would win and usher in some new era of.. more of the same. She lost, of course, because she offered more of the same. In 2018 we heard all about the Resistance which turned out to be The Assistance. All they have offered is a string of investigations which will prevent them from governing for the next decade. Know who pays for all those “investigations”? YOU DO.

So, now we get a push for 2020 including neoliberal corporate whores like Biden, Harris, Warren and O’Rourke. Plus Bernie, who promoted Hillary, Russiagate and continues bowing like a slave to the DNC, never mentioning one word about election fraud.

2020 can wait.

Right this minute, we have increasing tensions with Russia, China, Mexico, South America, Iran, a stalemate with North Korea. We have the media and war machine prostitutes screaming for ongoing illegal occupation in Syria plus ongoing war in Afghanistan. Because apparently 17 years of war is not enough. Most Americans are sick of war. Is the DNC trying to end any war or armed conflict? No. One can argue that the Republicans are being more progressive on that issue than the Democrats are.

Medicare for All has been a hot topic not since 2016, as many claim. That is what was suggested by Obama in 2008 in some form, so it has been a topic for coming on 11 years. Then he turned the ACA into a corporate welfare program. However, it is a really strong issue right this minute, supported by the majority of voters across all party lines. Is either major party promoting it, trying to bring it into being? No.

Right this minute we have tens of thousands of Americans who have been given layoff notices. This is in addition to the hundreds of thousands who have already been laid off or lost jobs as a direct or indirect result of corporate bankruptcies and downsizing. Is anyone trying to resolve this problem beyond shoving propaganda down your throat? No.

Right this minute we have millions of Americans unable to afford medical care or often their own medications. This limits growth in the medical field and indeed is causing closure of hospitals at a rate expected to accelerate in the next year. This is not based on need. It is based on profit margin. This has and will eliminate hundreds of thousands of healthcare jobs and impact the health of millions of Americans. Are any elected officials working to save those facilities, even knowing the long-term impact? No.

Right this minute millions of Americans are homeless. Some even work full time. This is primarily because the cost of rent has increased dramatically since 2008, thanks to equity ownership. Meanwhile, Ben Carson has been making it more difficult and more expensive for the poor to afford low income housing. Are any elected officials working to correct this? No.

Once more, as with so many of my articles, this list can go on and on and on. These are only a few examples of what is happening right this minute.

Some alleged progressives love to scream and cry about privilege. Yet if all you can focus on is trying to push some name for 2020, if you think we can wait that long to take action on the problems we face right this minute, then you are the privileged one. The sick, the homeless, the unemployed, those dying under US military attack and many, many more cannot wait until 2021 for our problems to potentially be addressed. I repeat, potentially.

STFU about Bernie.

STFU about Hillary.

STFU about Beto.

STFU about Tulsi.

STFU about Trump.

STFU about 2020.

Focus on right this minute.

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Issues unite, names divide

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