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  • James Rozoff

    James Rozoff

  • Rob Walker

    Rob Walker

    Author The Art of Noticing. Related newsletter at https://robwalker.substack.com

  • John Allen

    John Allen

    Critic, Cynic, Pessimist “We are all interconnected to Universe and each other whether we like it or not”

  • Ira Lee White

    Ira Lee White

    I am a writer living in Oregon. My writings can be found on this site and on my website, www.irawhite.net. I am now retired from the USDA.

  • DeLani R. Bartlette

    DeLani R. Bartlette

    Obsessed with true crime.

  • Daniel Ganninger

    Daniel Ganninger

    The writer, editor, and chief lackey of Knowledge Stew and the Knowledge Stew line of trivia books. Connect at knowledgestew.com and danielganninger.com

  • Livia Dabs

    Livia Dabs

    I quit my cubicle career and was done with same-old corporate adventure. I started again by exploring a more authentic life. https://lostmediterranean.com/

  • Incite Progress

    Incite Progress

    Progressive political thoughts, ramblings and commentary by Ian Tepoot

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