For the record, I block some people.

I really do not care what some may think of it. I block some people.

Anyone who is racist, sexist, homophobic, gun rights above human rights, cops can do no wrong, intentionally offensive, who seeks conflict, has nothing to offer but feigned offense and contrived drama are those whom I will block.

Go ahead, criticize. I am not here to placate. My entire goal is seeking solutions to problems. That means seeking understanding those who have something to understand. That means reaching across all aisles to build coalitions and agreement with those who have a similar drive to find solutions, not blame.

It is a complete waste of time and energy to bother arguing with bigots using zombie accounts created for the express purpose of trolling. It will not allow my comments section to be populated and polluted with hate-filled propaganda and wasted space. If they want to attempt to spread that message, they can do so elsewhere.

Is that censorship? No. They have their own pages where they can spread their own messages on this same site. I have made clear that they have the right to speak, I have the right to not listen. Censorship is when their voices are silenced by an authority. Any authority. I am not an authority over anything but my own page, my own posts. I intend to keep that authority.

I will discuss anything with anyone who has a valid point to make in a rational manner.

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Issues unite, names divide

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