For years I have called the "Resistance" by the name "The Assistance" because they consistently voted in Trump's policies, funded his border wall not just willingly but eagerly and called it a victory. Caved on DACA after a one day strike, then (as I predicted) their donors got angry. Gave him AUMF and surveillance powers. Russiagate was the biggest joke ever played on the world. Handed him a tax cut for the rich, putting the flow of wealth to the top on afterburner, sending the economy straight into the ground. Claimed he would destroy the economy but kept claiming how great the economy was doing through 2019 as over 9600 retail outlets closed permanently and over 200 trucking companies ceased to exist.

Biden will be no better and we will no longer have any token theatrical "Resistance" to even speak a word of dissent. Biden will be worse because he is far more of a warmonger than Trump.

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Issues unite, names divide

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