At this point we can all see that the US Empire is collapsing. It does not matter what some government officials say. It doesn’t matter what corporate media says. This is the final collapse of Empire.

I and other Progressive writers have been detailing the signs for months, even years. No need going into details but we see the failing of the economy, no matter what is portrayed. We see other countries turning against our policies after they have suffered the consequences for decades and those consequences escalating to a fever pitch. We see the stock market, housing market, auto market collapsing in a heap, revealing the brittle infrastructure beneath. We see our social support programs being raped, leaving the sick and those who have worked their entire lives destitute. We see the falsehoods of corporate media revealed even as they make ever more outrageous screaming claims on a daily basis. Political parties falling apart, divided from within. Prices rising on everything slowly, only a shadow of what is to come while already inadequate wages remaining stagnant. We see jobs by tens of thousands cease to exist while hearing claims of new jobs created which nobody seems to get hired for.

This is the crash. This is the collapse. It has been many years in the making and could have been avoided at thousands of opportunities which instead were distorted to benefit only the rich and powerful.

Many voices now concur our collapse is eminent. They just do not agree on when it will happen. Most place it a minimum of two years out. I have every belief that we will not have to wait that long. Two months is more like it. At that point, we will no longer be discussing tweets, porn stars or Russia. We will have far more pressing matters to handle.

That is the bad news. I am not in any way going to try and white wash the truth. It’s going to be ugly. Many will suffer, no small number of the most fragile among us will die.

This is the good news. Eventually we will see the other side of this tortuous obsidian passage. There will be light. We may well not see the other side unified as one nation, not in current form. In fact, that is highly unlikely to happen.

What will eventually happen though will be positive in the long run. The collapse is being caused by capitalism, which cannot be disguised or denied by any mind capable of rational, lucid reasoning. That will not stop those who attempt to profit for themselves to promote rebuilding the exact same system over from the ground up with even fewer individual rights than we have at this point. Those voices will eventually be rejected. Instead, what we are going to see is a growing awareness that we, as a society, must work together. Not for the enrichment of the few as we have been for generations, but the few must contribute significantly to the well-being of the many. Or have all taken from them.

In the worst of times in the past, what have Americans and those in most countries done during hardship? We worked together. Did you ever listen to the stories from your grandparents about the Depression? While they mentioned hardship, did they seem unhappy about it? Not usually. Instead what they found was a greater sense of Community, as neighbors shared with neighbors. People who had never gardened raised gardens to survive and share with neighbors. Even today we have recipes that were developed by companies and regular people for simple survival. One most notable is macaroni and cheese in a box.

The Depression was a natural response to the income inequality of the Roaring 20’s, the age of the Robber Barons.

One big difference between then and now is the Dust Bowl. So far, we have not seen the return of that. Though the potential is definitely there due to climate change. If the collapse comes today, the starvation which ensues will be a direct result of corporations stockpiling many foods, refusing to part with those stores out of their own greed. They will allow people to die in the streets from hunger before parting with a small percentage of their bloated profits. Is this any surprise? They do that right now!

There are many who cry for smaller government right now. Most will not be making that sound when the collapse comes. The same voices will be crying to be saved by the same government programs they wish to dismantle now.

What ended the Depression was the election of a president who implemented Socialist policies. Who started the first minimum wage in this country. Who began Social Security. Medicare. The CCC to provide employment, build infrastructure and develop the national park system for the enjoyment of the masses. Many of those constructs still exist today. Today we need an increase in the minimum wage and Social Security along with an expansion of Medicare to include all citizens. If you have a fleet of vehicles, that fleet needs mechanics. The medical field is the team of mechanics for our society.

That president taxed the rich and corporations extremely heavily to achieve his goals. After all, it was the rich who had destroyed the economy and it was they who should have been held responsible. The highest tax bracket at the time was a 90% taxation rate. Know how many who paid that rate went broke because of that tax rate? None. Not one. Business expanded and flourished.

The ultimate fact of the matter is that the crash that is coming has been coming for longer than most realize. It was not only inevitable but mandatory.

The class struggle we are now seeing is not new. It did not begin in the last 2 years or 10 years. It has been here since this country was founded. Rich against middle class, middle class against poor, bigger fish eating smaller fish until only whales and minnows remain. Now the larger whales have eaten the smaller whales and the minnows are eating each other. From landed slave owners to Jim Crow laws to Robber Barons to manufacturing giants and assembly lines, we have all been food for the machine that never stops eating.

This class struggle has not changed. The only difference is the number of poor has risen. That had to happen to make many see they are part of a society. That when others suffer, they suffer as well. No amount of denial makes that any less true. Those who have seen themselves as middle class and superior must be forced to see themselves as equal to the poor they have dismissed for far too long.

The rich will take no part in this radical shift. They will continue to consume. Yet enough ants working together can bring down an elephant. Small fish feed on the carcasses of whales.

It takes a lot for a society such as ours that had become complacent and apathetic to regain a conscience, a sense of compassion, a sense of community, the realization that we need each other. That we all contribute in some way.

We will come to that point but only by the extreme adversity which we have made our own karma as a society. Growth is only achieved through pain. Enlightenment requires the sacrifice of material obsession. Some will only surrender that obsession by force.

This is a time of transition. This transition has been delayed but can no longer be avoided. Our only choice now is to accept it as a reality.

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Issues unite, names divide

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