Global Distrust of the US.. For Good Reason

The global distrust of the American Empire continues to grow.

No, once again you cannot blame all of this on Trump. He is merely a continuation of US foreign policy which has gone on for decades. He is the most extreme but is actually a largely logical progression of what we have been doing. He is blatant and obnoxious. He does not use pretty words but is an accurate reflection of what we have continued doing to other countries. Not to mention our own citizens.

I have stated before that sanctions kill. They are acts of war. Sanctions do not affect only the country being sanctioned, they affect countries and even domestic businesses that conduct trade with the country being sanctioned.

If you run a business which gains profit from trade with Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc, then it affects you when sanctions on your product is announced. No news source until recently has bothered looking in depth at the effects of sanctions on domestic industries. It is NOT that those effects were not there, it’s that they were not examined. It is only recently that we are looking at the effects of sanctions and tariffs on solar panels, soybeans, steel, etc.

Most of the effects seen before have had much stronger effects on other countries. Our alleged allies. Like Europe paying higher fuel costs because of sanctions on Russian oil and gas. Other sanctions have affected agricultural industries in Europe, causing hardship, unemployment and loss of tax revenue while increasing prices.

It is only now that other countries are standing up to US hegemony. They are now choosing to openly object and refuse to implement further sanctions which damage their own countries.

But it is not only trade leading to loss of trust in the US. Most of the world has a longer memory than the US does. Partly because they still suffer the effects of previous breeches of trust. Partly because other countries are not willing to continue increasing spending on their military while taking away from their own citizens. Partly because their governments listen to their people at a more frequent rate than ours does. Partly because they no longer believe that they will not be the next target of US “intervention”.

Consider past US “interventions”.

Afghanistan- Most of the 9/11 hijackers hailed from Saudi Arabia. Yet we invaded Afghanistan. Claimed the government allowed a terrorist group to exist and that this group was responsible for the attacks. Did we go after that group alone? No, we took down the government. Imagine if other countries attacked us for allowing groups like the KKK to exist here. Yet here we are, still in that country 17 years later. While the Taliban is rising in popularity again. Why? Because their authoritarianism was still better than our “intervention” and 17 years of war.

Libya- Had universal healthcare, adult education, housing and electrical power as rights. Gas cost $0.40 a gallon. Claims arose that they had a nuclear program. No evidence was ever presented at any point to support this. Qaddafi made an agreement to step down from power in return for his safety. Do I need to say how that turned out? “We came, we saw, he died” with Hillary’s evil laugh. Now the country is destroyed, we abandoned the country and there are open slave markets in the streets. Because.. “US humanitarian intervention”.

Iraq- Claims they had WMD’s. US claims “evidence” which is classified. With UN inspectors on the ground in the country saying there was no evidence. What would the logical thing be to do? Give the evidence to the inspectors so they could confirm. Instead, the inspectors were told to leave, the UN was called “inconsequential” by a sitting US president. Diplomatic discussions? No. Iraq invaded illegally. The leader of the country deposed and assassinated. No WMD’s ever found. US forces still in Iraq 17 years later, country in ruins, refugee crisis, causing issues in Europe. “US humanitarian intervention”.

North Korea- North Korea at one point had proven to have ceased their nuclear program. Until GWB called them part of the “axis of evil” while declaring war on Iraq. Seeing what happened to the countries listed above, they started their nuclear program again and put it on steroids. Now they are watching what is happening with Iran immediately before Trump meets with Kim Jong Un.

Iran- Now we have Iran in an agreement called the JCPOA. Multiple countries signed on to this agreement. All proof including IAEA inspections prove they are complying with the terms of the agreement. Yet the US under Trump pulls out of a signed agreement. Claiming evidence which is “classified”. Can the evidence be given to inspectors to confirm? Any effort at diplomatic discussions? Any form of justice in the form of innocent until proven guilty? No. Claims they are a threat to Israel because they assist in Syria. While Israel is proven to assist terrorist groups, illegally occupy Palestine and part of Syria, attack Syrian (not just Iranian) military facilities and cities. Who does the US endorse? Israel, of course. Have any Iranian forces attempted to attack Israel? Ever? No. When was the last time Iran invaded another country? Over 200 years ago.

Russia- US government claims evidence of Russian “interference” in our 2016 election. Evidence of ANY Russian government involvement? None. Even the evidence of Russian trolls has gone to court to defend themselves against Mueller. Which requires evidence to be provided to the defense. Mueller’s response? Trying to refuse presenting the “evidence” because it’s “classified”. If it is classified, it cannot be used as evidence and should not have been used as a basis for a court case. But it can apparently be used as a basis for sanctions, which require no trial and no evidence. Just screams of “guilty”.

So at this point the US is imposing sanctions on Russia, China, North Korea, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Venezuela. That’s a short list. We are threatening sanctions against over 80 countries. We are bombing 7 countries and threatening military actions against 6 more. We have military forces on the ground in shooting conflicts in over 50 African regions. We hold prisoners in Guantanamo who have been there for over a decade being tortured with no charges, no right to trial. We do damage to economies and entire industries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and our own country. We interfere directly in the elections in countries all over the planet, if not by propaganda then by covert or direct military intervention.

The world has awakened, finally. The Empire is falling. It will not be getting back up. No country has reason to trust us. There were times in the past that Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Mexico, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine and many other countries have been our allies at various levels. Until corporate interests decided they were not.

There was a time when we could believe to some degree that our government was on our side. Those days are over.

Keep telling yourself or listening to our government and corporate media tell you how the entire world is our enemy. You are helping to make that true.

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Issues unite, names divide

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