Grounded In The Present, Eye On The Future

No matter what legal challenges Trump may pursue to the election, the election is now over. He lost. Every legal challenge to the election he has brought is being defeated or dismissed by Conservative judges at the state and federal levels.

I am not mentioning this for the benefit of his supporters. I am mentioning this for the sake of his detractors. “The Resistance” being chief among them.

In late January, he will be leaving office. That is the key phrase to keep in mind. Trump will no longer be in office.

What this means is that he can no longer be used as an excuse, a rationale or a response to every damn problem that comes along. Nobody gets to use “But Trump” any more. At all. Ever. Nor can anyone use, “But Trump was worse” as a rationalization to anything at all.

Nor does anyone get to claim GOP obstruction. Remember when Obama had a Democratic party majority in the House and a filibuster-proof Senate? Nothing got done except for a Republican corporate insurance healthcare insurance plan which took the form of a mandatory tax. Then it was followed by a GOP majority spending the past 10 years and the Dems claiming GOP obstruction. For the past 4 years, the Dems have confirmed every Conservative bench nominee Trump put forward. They approved a tax cut for the rich and funded the border wall while eagerly surrendering on DACA. They handed him AUMF powers and a massively expanded Pentagon budget, increased DHS funding and continued militarizing the police. They gave him powers of surveillance of American citizens. Banks have been bailed out while our own people lacked medical care, have been experiencing increasing evictions as winter comes in and the pandemic spreads to higher numbers than ever during flu season. Millions of Americans have lined up at food banks and still been food insecure. All while Pelosi played political tiddlywinks with a stimulus package to deny Trump a win, even after the election.

That is a short list of what the “Resistance” has accomplished.

It has to stop now. Before Biden takes office. No more excuses. No more lies. No more warmongering. No more lobbyists or MIC contractors in the highest appointed positions of our government. No more increasing military spending. No more censorship. No more classifying of DNC emails or anything that does not need to be classified. No more executive privilege. No more media blackouts of information vital to the public knowledge. No more corporate bailouts. No more.

The next 4 years have to be different than the 8 years of Obama or even the 4 years of Trump. Things have to change because we have to change.

Caitlyn Johnstone said it perfectly in her recent article. We have to lead the charge for change by the incoming administration through observation, awareness and criticism. If we do not do it, the far right will do it. The Biden administration is already showing he and they will cater far more to the warmongering, corporate right than to the left in all aspects. Not just some aspects, all aspects. Every single remotely left source is pointing out that Biden’s cabinet will be filled with nothing but lobbyists, nationalists, warmongers, former MIC contractors and bankers. He is preparing to do absolutely everything which you have feared daily for 4 years that Trump would do. He will do far worse than Trump ever tried to do if we do not start demanding it stop before it begins.

Trust me, if you are not willing to make demands, corporatists, right wingers and warmongers will be more than willing to make demands and they will be fulfilled.

Stop making or accepting excuses now. You’ve had your chance to sit on your ass through 8 years of Obama while you closed your eyes. Then 4 years of Trump while you pointed fingers and whined on a daily basis. It’s beyond time to grow the f*ck up and do something.

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Issues unite, names divide

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