Gun Rights Article and NZ, No Intended Correlation

The subject came up in conversation relating my recent gun rights article with the shooting in New Zealand. I had to point out that there is no correlation. It was coincidence. Note that the publication date of my article was 3/12/19, which was before the shooting.

There is also the fact that I only address the issue of gun rights in the US. That shooting did not happen in the US. Sadly, there is almost no time I could publish that article when it would not seem like it was motivated by a specific mass shooting incident or legislation in the US. Mass shootings by comparison rarely happen in other countries and nearly every country on the planet has stronger gun laws than we have.

The gun rights article is one I have had notes and a partial draft of for months. I have been apprehensive about touching on certain subjects, among them gun rights. However, I came to the conclusion I was being a coward and could not really call myself a Progressive if I placed some subjects off limits. So from here on, I am removing any self-imposed arbitrary limits I have held up to now.

I will be following up with another article about gun rights because I’m not done with that subject yet.

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Issues unite, names divide

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