Gun Rights Versus Gun Culture

Here in America, there has been the debate for too many years to count, spanning generations, regarding gun rights. However, the debate goes far beyond rights for an obnoxiously loud minority who turn gun rights into nothing short of a religion.

This is where problems begin. It literally becomes a battle where guns have more rights than humans do in this debate. In that light, I have no problem using offensive language for offensive behavior which disrespects human life.

The House approved a bill requiring mandatory background checks for all gun purchases, with no exceptions. That is an improvement but not much. Far more is needed to control gun violence in this country.

Personally, I am a veteran and in favor of gun ownership. Though with reasonable restrictions. Nobody needs an assault weapon or high capacity magazines. No, I am not going to have the discussion that assault weapons don’t exist. We had restrictions on assault weapons nationally for years and some states still have those restrictions. Take that argument and go away. Anyone attempting it is a moron. If a person thinks they need a long range, high velocity, military configuration weapon with a high capacity magazine, they can throw the argument of self defense out he window. No, it is not a hunting rifle. It is a penis extension or substitute for people with low self esteem and clinical paranoia.

Which brings in the favorite subject of gun nuts. That we don’t have a gun problem in this country, we have a mental health problem. I absolutely agree that we have a mental health problem in this country and you are the first ones we should be diagnosing. I define a “gun nut” as any person that places gun rights over human rights. These are people who attempt to use aggression as a means of dealing with any and every problem. They are incapable of reason and always fall back on the exact same memorized arguments. Such as the fact that I have no question I will get a long string of “second amendment” replies to this. Each one will be almost a carbon copy of one another. Gun nuts are clones.

Even when gun nuts bring up an argument, such as mental health, they consistently oppose solutions. Try proposing universal healthcare so that people who need mental health assistance can access it. They will oppose it. Why? Because they they have been brainwashed against “socialism”.

The US is the only country that has this problem. Because we do not observe gun rights, we have a literal gun culture. Other countries may have gun rights but stronger limitations on ownership. Try turning on an American TV show or movie today and not seeing guns depicted. As a nation, we have been desensitized to guns and gun violence. There was a time not that long ago that if someone in a mall had a gun in plain sight, other people would run and the authorities would respond. Now we have open carry and police hide while children are shot to death inside our schools.

People who believe in the gun culture consistently have one solution to gun violence. More guns. In a country that already has more guns than human beings. I have a few questions about that “solution”-

If more guns will keep us safe, then why aren’t we the safest country on earth (not at war) right this minute? We already have the most guns. By their own logic, we should have the least gun violence.

If more guns keep us safer, how many guns, precisely? Give me a number. Like I said, we already have more guns than people. So by the rationale of the “more guns” argument, at some point we should be able to reach a concentration where we have almost zero gun crimes committed at all. So, what is the number?

Who should be carrying all those guns? Should it be mandatory for all citizens to be armed at all times? Starting at what age? How about training? Who pays for the training? Who pays for the guns? What punishment should there be for someone who refuses to carry a gun? What kind of gun should everyone carry? At what point do we consider such a mandate authoritarian or even fascist?

How do authorities discern a “good guy with a gun” from a “bad guy with a gun”? Because if a “bad guy” starts shooting and all the “good guys” draw their weapons, when the police arrive, they will have a problem knowing who is who. In fact, how do the “good guys” tell the “bad guys” from other “good guys”, so they don’t shoot each other even before police arrive?

If drugs are the problem, then legalizing drugs would be a logical method of fixing the problem. It would make the drugs themselves safer by imposing standards on their production and end the war on drugs. Drug dealers would be running cash registers instead of carrying guns and it would decrease the cost of incarceration of hundreds of thousands of non-violent offenders while decreasing the number of violent drug-related crimes. Yet the same people who are for guns are in favor of the war on drugs. Just puppets dancing on their strings.

Gun nuts also claim that taking our guns away is a sign of fascism. Really? So is Switzerland living in fascism? Australia? Germany? France? England? Mexico? The US has the highest incarceration rate of any nation on earth. High incarceration rates tend to be a hallmark of fascism. Are we already fascist? Actually, we are and have been for years but 99.9% of Americans don’t grasp that.

How do guns=freedom? Do they mean you pay less in taxes? No. Give you a better education? No. Increase your paycheck? Most likely not. Insure a promotion at work? I doubt it. Provide for better medical care? Absolutely not. No, all they do is make the chronically, mindlessly aggressive feel more powerful while still suffering the same effects of the real system of oppression that we all suffer.

The only thing we should fear when our children go to school are the grades on their report cards. Not that they will never return because we live in a culture which worships guns.

Why the worship of guns? Media, for one. Entertainment media use guns to make shows more “exciting”. Though that can also happen with nonexistent and even non-lethal fantasy weapons like phasers. News media use guns as a means of inciting fear among the populace.

On that last, we have been exposed to the gun culture for so long that even that is failing. Violent crime has decreased over decades. There was an increase for a couple of years in 2015 and 2016 (I believe) but that has leveled off and began dropping again. (I refer to the absolute number of violent crimes. True that mass shootings have increased over the years but each mass shooting would count as a single violent crime.) Ironically, the easier it is to obtain drugs in our cities, the more violent crime declines. Which lends more validity to my earlier point. The states that have seen some of the most dramatic declines are the states that have legalized cannabis. Stoners are not known for wanting to fight, unless it’s over a cheeseburger or box of cereal, in which case it tends to be no more violent than a tug of war. In some states, medical cannabis users are not allowed to purchase firearms. Given that choice, they will almost consistently choose cannabis over Colts. That should tell you something.

One of the most annoying things about gun nuts is the fact that they take personal offense to everything. Which is why I don’t worry so much about using offensive language about them. Because they will be offended no matter what language I use. So I may as well let fly and state exactly what I think of them. They are pretty much universally chronically insecure people who need, I repeat need, need, NEED their guns to feel adequate. Yet they will remain insecure, no matter how many guns they have or how big their guns are. They can have a high income and be insecure. They can have the best education and be insecure. They can have a 50 room mansion and 28 cars and be insecure. At least 99% of gun nuts are bigots in some form because there is almost nothing that does not threaten them. Race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, you name it and it is a threat to them. They live their entire lives that way and I would have empathy for them if they did not use that insecurity as a rationale for hatred and aggression.

Guns as most commonly designed and referenced are designed and made for one purpose. To kill. Yes, they can be useful for self-defense and hunting but neither of those require 5, 10, 20, 200 guns.

While violent crime is on the decline, gun nuts will claim it is because of the commonality of guns. There is no evidence to support that concept. Violent crimes tend to be ones of ambush or known superior force by an attacker. In which cases, a gun for defense is useless. You have to look at other factors.

If trends continue, then all the guns stockpiled in fantasies of some apocalyptic siege on some rural or suburban home will fail. If those fantasies come true, then there will be much larger problems than any gun stash can compete with.

For the safety of our society, we need common sense gun laws. However, gun nuts are not known for common sense. For those of us able to think clearly, we seriously need more access to mental health care, background checks on all gun purchases, limits on the number of guns allowed to one owner with the exception of registered dealers, gunsmiths and collectors, limits on magazine size and a complete ban on assault weapons. One can say a limit on how many rounds can be purchased but that is ineffective. Ammunition can be stockpiled over time or gained from different sources.

The best way to reduce and eliminate the drive to collect guns is to reduce the reasons for what violent crimes can be prevented by addressing hunger, poverty, treating drug addiction as an illness and legalizing cannabis.

Above all, as a society we need to stop being neutral about the gun culture around us. Guns have turned into a religion for many and it is an abhorrent religion. Though that will not happen until we stop approving of imperialistic warfare and unbridled capitalism.

You can watch the comment section light up on this article with the very aggressive and mindless “second amendment” responses that have nothing more rational to offer. They will state things which they are terrified of, even when they have never had to physically defend themselves their whole lives. I fully expect to get threats over this article, merely serving to prove my point further.

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Issues unite, names divide

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