Gun Rights Versus Gun Culture- Patriots Vs Government

This is a follow up on my previous article, here.

There is another aspect I did not cover in the previous article. Which is how many gun nuts who espouse the Second Amendment call themselves “patriots” and claim to support everything American. They claim to support the government, yet express constant fear of the same government.

How does that work, exactly?

One thing you hear from these “patriots” is how they fear the government coming to take their guns. Not any other property. Not imprisoning them. Not starving them. Not taking their children. Just taking their guns.

Some will claim they fear everyone being herded into camps. What you don’t hear is who will be manning those camps. Would it be Liberal Progressives, who object to the current prison population? Maybe the pussy hatters, who have no identifiable policies?

Here’s one of the biggest problems with their fear. I am a nurse and have been working in prisons for about a year now. I can tell you without question that most prison guards are Conservatives who are also.. gun nuts. They would be the first ones fighting against any such laws placing restrictions on gun laws. So, if they were imprisoned, who would be their guards? BTW, I have to mention that prisons are having a very hard time recruiting officers, so much so that they are recruiting new HS graduates.

There is also the question of who, exactly would come for their guns? Would it be police? There aren’t enough police. Would it be the military? In each case, there is a problem that gun nuts don’t think about or simply ignore. The police have been militarized with ballistic vests and vehicles. Some police departments have helicopters and surveillance drones. The military has all the above, night vision, satellite imaging, tanks and Reaper drones.

So, do they really think their stash of weapons will stand up to that kind of arsenal? Or are they only using that as an excuse? What’s worse, gun nuts are usually Conservatives who claim to support veterans, the military and Blue Lives Matter.

One cannot claim to be patriotic when that person opposes laws which are intended to make American lives safer. To be clear, there is a very small percentage of people advocating taking away all guns. The movement is for stricter gun laws. Against high capacity magazines. assault weapons, etc. You and they know the actual discussion, so I do not need to repeat it here.

Each time one critically and unemotionally examines the arguments of the pro-gun lobby, the cracks in the argument appear. The entire pro-gun argument is based on emotion and they will always, without exception, bring their argument back to emotion. Anger, fear which amounts to clinical paranoia, arrogance, selfishness, superiority, elitism, exceptionalism,possession and being offended while behaving offensively and aggressively.

Keep in mind that the absolute majority of gun owners have never had occasion to use a gun to defend themselves or others. Leave out veterans in war zones, this has nothing to do with that. Even if they did, that would likely require a single short-range pistol, not an armory of military grade weaponry intended for long range firing at distant targets. The only people in this country that have ever used an assault weapon to take out a domestic threat are police on a SWAT team.

Of course, the gun lobby is all too happy to keep pushing the paranoia. The gun lobby, who are the major funding source of the NRA and advertisers in gun magazines. The gun lobby, who makes billions each year selling the very guns which are the biggest threats.

Interestingly, many of the gun nuts are also against increasing taxes which would improve education and social services that are actually proven to decrease violence. They are opposed to treating addiction as an illness, rather than a crime, even though it would cost less, decrease or eliminate illegal drug trade and thus the drug war which causes so much violence and would make it so addicts were less likely to rob people for money to get high.

But let’s not talk about any of that. Let’s just keep buying more guns.

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Issues unite, names divide

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