This is a follow up to my previous article, here:

Some people still aren’t getting my point. Caitlin Johnstone said much of the same thing in her most recent article as I write this, to be found here:

Of course, she and I have been saying this. Over and over, again and again. Millions of actual Progressives have been saying this over and over, again and again. I am sick of repeating it but here it is again- Both major parties are on the same side and it is not your side.

I really don’t care how much the Democrats claim to oppose Trump when they confirm his appointees, surrender to his aggression or rabidly vote in favor of his policies. I don’t care how much you want to scream, “Anyone but Trump” when you actively vote for people who endorse the most damaging thing about Trump- his policies.

If you only oppose the name and nothing else, you have absolutely no right to call yourself anything but a Trump supporter in disguise. You are not Progressive, you are not liberal. You are a Republican. You are even more damaging than Trump or Republicans because at least they are out in the open about who they are and what they stand for. Stop lying about it. You don’t care what atrocities are committed. You only care that they are committed by a pretty face with nice words.

If you actually oppose his policies yet remain blind to the fact that centrist Democrats have done all in their power to not only surrender to Trump but empower him even more, then you are just as damaging. You’re not paying attention to anything but what color suit or dress someone is wearing. You are willing to don pink pussy hats, break down in tears, scream at the top of your lungs and act offended/victimized by every tweet while you help them and him along every step of the way.

You may be even worse because you are willing to actively push for war with nuclear powers to vindicate your “poor me” attitude. You are perfectly willing to ignore the fact that the US has a first strike policy.

You paid no attention or just did not care that the 2016 DNC Convention was more militaristic than the RNC Convention. It was filled with uniforms and talk of “a strong defense” , followed by Russia, Russia, Russia and military budget increase after increase. Every penny handed to Trump, whom they claim they fear will start more wars. Yet as long as the Dems vote for it, it must be good, right?

What has been happening here is that the Dems have handed Trump an unending series of gifts. You have to be completely unconscious to think that the Mueller report or his testimony was a win for anyone BUT Trump. Even neoliberal pundits admit it was a complete disaster. Each time they have approved his policies or nominees, he has won. Each time they have caved in, he has won. He will be announcing this through 2020, pointing out that he has accomplished things and Democrats were too weak to stand up to him. Every word of it will be accurate. He doesn’t need to lie about that. Yes, he lies about the results but so do the Dems. If they tell the same lies, you play right along. No matter the results, his support gets stronger with each victory handed to him wrapped in gold foil, served on a silver platter by the Dems crawling on their knees and you behind them, kissing their asses.

Jimmy Dore has said on numerous occasions, “People would rather vote for a Republican who says they are a Republican instead of a Republican who claims to be a Democrat.”

If you want change, then that change begins with YOU. If you trust corporate warmongering Wall Street whores to change anything, you’re not paying attention at all and never have. It’s time to start. Not tomorrow, not after the next election. Now.

“Resistance” my ass.

Let me repeat what I have said uncounted times. If you are not part of the solution, then YOU are the problem.

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Issues unite, names divide

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