Some Americans are free from having a roof over their heads.

Some are free from knowing where their next meal is coming from.

Some are free from a living wage. Or any wage at all.

Some are free from financial security, too far in debt because of the loans they signed to get an education.. so they could gain financial security.

Some are free from the life maintaining medications they need.

Some are free from the basic medical care they need.

Some are free from bodily limbs or emotional stability, surrendered to wars for corporate profits.

Some are free from having a choice over their own body.

Some are free from their freedom because they ingested a substance deemed “illegal”. Or because of planted evidence.

Some are free from a safe environment because of the crossfire between criminals and law enforcement.

Some are free from feeling safe if pulled over or just walking down the street because of the color of their skin.

Some are incarcerated, held in cages, possibly too young to walk, because their freedom to remain safe and alive in their own country was taken.

Some are free from the right to speak their own voice against corporate interests.

Some are free from the ability to reveal the truth about the atrocities and illegalities of our own government.

Some are free from the right to vote, to change things. Possibly even with no criminal charges against them but because of where they reside or changed registration or discarded ballots.

Some are free from the right to openly practice their own religion.

Some are free from the right to use a bathroom of the gender they associate with.

Some are free from the right to marry the person they love.

Some are free from the right to enlist in the military because of their sexual orientation and/or body self image.

Some are free from having safe water to drink.

America. Land of the Free. Home of Independence. Where none of us are free and all of us are dependent on one another, like it or not.

This Independence Day, ask yourself what you are celebrating. Recall that this country was created by Revolution, by people rising up against an oppressive government and corporate power.

It’s not enough to be unhappy with the conditions in this country. We must be willing to stand up and DO something about it.

I’m ready. Are you?

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