So many Americans claim to be concerned with heritage. Preserving their history, traditions, culture and where they came from.

Here’s where the problem begins. Americans think in terms of the heritage they receive, never the heritage they leave behind. What is the heritage we are leaving behind, creating for our children and even ourselves if young enough to survive such inheritance?

We have built a heritage where one must be enslaved to a corporate master or else die. Try and create a successful small business and it will be bought out, driven under by competition or legislated out of existence to favor corporate opponents.

We are now creating and worsening a heritage where our land, water and air are poisoned for the benefit of turning a profit.

Where fellow humans can sicken and die because they cannot afford medical care. Instead of viewing them with compassion, we place all blame on the ill, call them failures for not being good enough slaves to the profit-driven employment, insurance and medical systems, each of whom demands our very blood.

A heritage where our country insists we are better and more deserving than all else. Where we enforce our superiority with guns and bombs which are built with materials we buy from other countries with money borrowed from those countries and resources stolen from other countries. Then threaten or actively attack those very same countries.

Where the fiat dollar reigns supreme while it holds no value other than the value we claim it is worth. A system of IOU’s where our debt balance keeps rising and none is likely to be repaid to the creditors. Can you imagine applying for a loan and as collateral offering your existing debt which exceeds your income?

A heritage where one part of our society is at war with another part, which is at war with another part, which is at war with another part.

Where our media worships the affluent who have no redeeming value other than their possessions, their offensive behavior, their plastic surgery or how well they can deceive one another.

Where our “news” media fails to ask questions, demand evidence, demand answers from those in power. Instead attacking names mindlessly or fawning without shame. All the while portraying corporate entities as saviors while they collect paychecks and hide offenses from those corporations.

A heritage where a government “investigation” goes on for years with no initial crime known and no specific crime even alleged. Where the scene of the original alleged crime is never examined by House, Senate or special counsel.

Where voter registrations are purged, yet many denounce those who have become too disheartened to stand in line to vote. IF they have a polling place to attend. IF the polling place has their name on file for that location.

Where we spend billions of dollars on individual elections, money obtained by “donors” expecting a return in the form of favorable legislation and being told the candidate represents us, not the donors. Even when university studies show clearly otherwise.

Where one party is taken to court for election fraud and uses the defense that they are under no obligation to offer a fair election to their own constituents.

Where party lines are fluid and redrawn to maintain the balance of power for those already in power.

Where young people are not educated on the workings of our government yet are criticized for not knowing how our government works.

Where the same young people listen to candidates who offer no policies or even words of encouragement to the young, yet are shamed for not voting for the same ancient faces telling them they are selfish.

Where homelessness is a rising norm and young live with their parents by economic necessity to ever-later ages so all can merely survive.

Where people are expected to obtain a higher education and then pay for that education for most of their lives at interest rates that limit their capacity to benefit from that education.

Where childhood basic education is funded less by the day, teachers must work multiple jobs, students must travel further to get to school, lengthening their days, with teachers and students losing sleep and none seeing the point where it leads.

Where a rising majority of our own people are now medicated to mind-altering substances, either legal or illegal due to anxiety, depression, desperation, confusion and hopelessness.

Where it is normal for weapons manufacturers to use taxpayer money to advertise on major network stations while those who create conflicts are used by the same stations as “experts” to discuss how to solve international tensions.

Where bankers who crashed our economy are placed in government positions overseeing banking regulations and the functioning of the economy.

Where someone with no educational experience or education is in charge of the education department.

Where the police are increasingly militarized.

Where censorship was signed into law.

Where Habeas Corpus no longer exists.

Where peaceful protesters are routinely arrested.

Where gun rights are promoted over human rights.

This list could continue for pages and pages. The point is that this is the heritage that we have created. That our children and grandchildren will grow up in. This is our legacy.

Issues unite, names divide

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