How does this in any way correlate to researching a political candidate?!

I used that term numerous times in 2016 as a response to those supporting Hillary Clinton and it was a direct response to her own words. My own point being that they had done no research.

They did not know and still do not know what they were voting FOR. In numerous cases, I informed them of her policies, based on her own website policy pages, which were numerous. That in itself is something to be cautious of because it tells you they do not want you to look at contradictions in their policies.

They frequently touted her “foreign policy experience” yet could not detail what that experience was. Such as the fact that she never once engaged in peace talks with any country and did not suggest doing so as a campaign promise. Her foreign policy experience involved expanding bombing from 2 countries to 7 countries.

Doing your research on a candidate means looking at who funds their campaign. Past policy decisions. What their current policies are. Are they actual policies? Or mere talking points with no substance? Do they explain how they intend to accomplish their stated goals?

I went so far with my research in 2016 that I created cheat sheets for each of the four major candidates based on their own policy pages. Then published each of those cheat sheets for people to compare. Trust me, I will be doing so again in 2020.

Before making any voting decision, know what you are voting for, not against.

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Issues unite, names divide

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