I absolutely agree.

However, I oppose the MSM press at every turn. Not because I support Trump by any means. Because they are nothing but propaganda that directly go against reporting the truth. No verification, no evidence. Pure agenda. “Unnamed anonymous sources offering no evidence” being cited as fact. Often with evidence directly to the contrary of what they are saying.

Meanwhile Julian/Wikileaks released information from a verified source. They have never had to retract a single page they have published in 12 years. Has Julian benefited from all of this? He was illegally incarcerated since 2012. Does anyone think he believed this would not involve repercussions? You can call it nothing but incarceration. The only differences are that they were unable to silence him, which is the goal. (Oh and he had less access to services such as medical care, which would be available to a formal prisoner.)

The DNC likes to claim what WL published about the election is false, yet have never released the original emails, never stated any specific subject/email/paragraph/word/letter/comma that is erroneous.

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Issues unite, names divide

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