I agree very much. However, there is a much larger religion which drives this system. Capitalism.

Capitalism is a true religion. One must think that money does not exist in nature. It only has value, only exists at all because we agree it exists and has value. To believers money is God, banks are churches, bankers and CEO's are priests, believers are sycophants and non-believers are heretics that must be sacrificed brutally upon the altar.

Believers are willing to literally kill for money. Holy wars are waged to propagate the religion against "barbarous" nations.

Right here in the US, we have millions who are hungry, food insecure. Not because the country lacks food, because the people lack money. The food is there. Millions may soon be homeless, not because housing doesn't exist but because of capitalism. Tens of thousands in this country die for lack of medical care or medications every year WITHOUT a pandemic and it is much, much worse this year. Not because the medical resources are not there, not because the medications do not exist or are not available. Because of capitalism.

Yet believers have no qualms attacking anyone who questions their faith. They use terms like "un-American", "Communist", etc as though these are insults. Yeah, standing for humanitarianism is very clearly a traitorous act.

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Issues unite, names divide

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