I agree with all you say.

I have written separately about UBI and it is absolutely mandatory, considering how automation is eliminating jobs at a growing pace. In the next few years, automated vehicles will eliminate millions of living wage jobs. Most people have no realization that self driving vehicles are already being tested long range on our highways. Every self check register you see eliminates 4–6 jobs. With an average of 10 in a store times what? 10,000 stores across the country? (Probably more than that.) That is 400–600,000 jobs that will not be coming back. And that’s before counting the order kiosks at fast food places. So UBI (a Socialist concept) is really the only way capitalism can survive.

All socioeconomic systems can become traps if not managed properly. Of course, socialism has not been allowed to flourish without interference by capitalist countries, namely the US. While pure capitalism is simply not possible. It requires government to build roads, build and staff public schools and many other functions of our society. (Don’t get me started on Libertarians.)

As I have said, I am not in favor of Marxist Socialism. In truth, I am in favor of it but realize that socially and intellectually we are nowhere near evolved enough to accept and implement it. Hence, I am currently in favor of Social Democracy, which is still a challenge thanks to the majority of Americans being so prone to indoctrination by corporate media. I think nationalization of these limited industries would be most beneficial. They are the areas that most impact our health, security and relations with other countries.

I did not attempt in this instance to take on the concept of moving away from fossil fuels. It is mandatory for our survival. That’s one I will also keep separate. Have to pick and choose battles. It is a road to utter defeat by keeping everything lumped together too much.

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Issues unite, names divide

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