I agree with almost all of this. I do not agree with revolutionary thinking being an act of faith. That is an act of reason, logic.

There is literally no logic in violence, in greed, in oppression. Those are completely emotional thought processes based on arrogance, narcissism and sadism.

JFK said it best. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” Words spoken nearly 60 years ago, yet most in our power structure have learned nothing. They have become complacent because of how limited the violence has been in the revolution over the years. That is by intent too, though. Divide the populace against one another so when change, revolution, violence occurs the self-superior and (previously) privileged cohorts can look down on those promoting change with haughty grimaces and pass judgment.

Now the power structure has finally revealed themselves at last. They have taken privilege from those who falsely believed themselves privileged.

While I very much prefer the revolution to be peaceful, one way or another the time for actual revolution has arrived. There is no other choice remaining.

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Issues unite, names divide

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